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If you think you've already seen way too many 9/11 tuth films, this one is still worth watching - I promise it is very different from the others. The film starts out with Ken O'Keefe analyzing a recent speach from David Cameron, hang in there because then the 9/11 truth film starts.

I think Ken O'Keefe handles a very controversion aspect of 9/11 truth very well and that is the extent to which zionists and dual Israeli / U.S. citizens were responsible for 9/11.


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  I really enjoyed this, thanks for the great christmas present wendy! I will share this with whoever I can,,,L,,,,T

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for adding that link to Jewish Voice for Peace - yes they are a wonderful organization and to be commended for speaking out. Yes this whole issue is a difficult subject.

I think we are being presented with a lot of false divisions these days - I think the planners of 9/11 have made a false divide of their group into Zionists and Natzi's, kind of like the democrats and republicans pretend to be enemis until someone upsets the game and then they work together. With all the solid evidence we have that the Bushes and cia (operation paperclip) were very involved in pulling off 9/11 and also all the solid evidence of Silverstein, Pearl and other Jewish and dual citizen interests, it seems to me that these groups are working together and putting on a show of being enemies in order to confuse and divide those who are trying to figure things out.

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This is a very welcome and courageous presentation, as O'Keefe addresses head-on the core 9/11 issue that practically all others who have done something on 9/11 have passed by or touched on only lightly: Israeli/Mossad involvement.  And of course doing this will be seen as antisemitic by many Jews, and that will automatically raise the specter of a possible second Holocaust for them.  I know this on a personal level because I have three Jewish friends (especially a couple and to some extent another good friend) who are staunch supporters of Israel, even though they are "liberal" on most other issues, and they feel they have to be because Israel is their only bastion against another possible Holocaust.  I came to realize how deep their conditioning of fear is around this, how this has been drilled into them all their lives, and still is.  Whenever Netanyahu speaks in America, he always raises antisemiticism and the specter of the Holocaust; it is part of a conscious and ongoing program of mind control.  Here is an interview Amy Goodman had with former Israeli Minister, Shulamit Aloni, who describes Israel's longtime method of scaring Jews into supporting the state "right or wrong" with the "trick" of harping on the Holocaust and anti-semiticism: http://archive.org/details/dn2002-0814_vid?start=2928.5  Aloni has my profound respect for this.

And now here is O'Keefe who focuses chiefly on Jewish involvment in 9/11 in an effort to address an essential topic that has been virtually ignored, and who (inaccurately and unfairly, IMO) starts off by insisting on defining Jews as "those whose primary allegiance is to the Jewish state of Israel."  While many Jews might not take issue with this, many others would be appalled because for them the Jewish religious tradition is deeply humanisitic and peaceful, and identification with that is what it means to be a Jew.  But O'Keefe, not being Jewish, apparently doesn't appreciate this, and this is a terrific mistake.  Also, I don't feel that he has as much control over his anger as he thinks he does (at the begininng he talks about the need of a sense of humor, which he really doesn't manifest at all).

So, in O'Keefe's laudable refusal to dance around the fact of this Jewish involvement just to be politically correct, I feel that he distorts the picture needlessly  -- notwithstanding the short clip of Naturei Karta (ultra orthodox) Jews opposed to Israel near the beginning. This will doubtless put off many Jews (and others) whom he could have reached.  And this is unfortunate.

Further, he features a courageous and hard-hitting assesment by Dr. Alan Sobrosky of the U.S. Army War College (and a Jew), who says that it is 100% certain that the Mossad was at the heart of 9/11, and if the U.S. military really understands this, they may well wipe Israel off the map (literally).  This has got to scare more than just Jews.  Even so, I'm not saying that O'Keefe shouldn't have included this; I'm glad he did.  I'm just pointing out its potential for terrifying Jews.

What I wish he had included is the fact that more and more Jews are refusing to support Israel's terrorist policies -- not just the ultra-orthodox group.  For example, the work of Jewish Voice for Peace is significant and is indicative of the disaffection of growing numbers of Jews with Israel's terrorism -- people who are fully functional human beings (that is, whose minds, consciences, courage, and ability to act are all active) and who have come to see Israel's sociopathic actions as being antithetical to their own true values as Jews and as human beings.  Jews with this mindset, more than any other group, have my deep respect and, I will even say, love, for what they have done and are doing to oppose Israel, having dared to swim against against the strong current of their own cultural conditioning and the overall mindset of perhaps the majority of Jews.  And I believe that they will eventually become the majority.

Although JVP does not tackle 9/11, they are direct and energetic adversaries of AIPAC, and they work seemingly tirelessy to bring awareness to Israel's destructive policies and to force it to change them.  Here's a short statement from their website: "JVP supports peace activists in Palestine and Israel, and works in broad coalition with other Jewish, Arab-American, faith-based, peace and social justice organizations."  Although I'm not Jewish, I am a member of JVP; they welcome all people of heart and conscience.  Please check out their website, if only to better inform yourself: http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/ 

In sum, then, I'm glad O'Keefe made this video as it brings to light a much ignored and core element of 9/11.  I laud his courage and clarity on this issue.  But I feel that because of his own blind spots, the quality of his anger, and the way he handles his one-pointed focus, he seriously misrepresents Jews, and by doing this will alienate people who would otherwise have climbed on board.

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  • I agree with you completely, Wendy.  For so long they've put on their Punch'n'Judy shows of bogus adversaries fighting it out, and like children we've believed them.  We must amuse them greatly.  But the big, dumb elephant eventually wakes up and rolls over.  They'll discover too late that they're only mice on its back.
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Wow, after reading this article you can certainly understand why Ken is so angry.


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       O'keefe's anger does show through,,and it will be played up when analyzed to blind those who might benefit from the documentary as a whole. Some will be able to see past it and get the message, but those who don't probably just aren't ready. It always seems to come down to that,,,,but I believe the numbers are shifting,,,,,,slowly,,ha!

      Thanks for the additional link Wendy,,it sure did help to see where his anger comes from,,and personally,,it helped me understand him better. If he didn;t have that anger to drive him, I don't think he would of been as thorough as he was. I also agree that a call for another investigation would be a joke, the evidence is far more than most cases go to trial with....Seizure of all assets at the time of indictment would be the way to go, taking back the media, or dissolving those networks and starting anew. They've changed so many other laws, changing a few to take back the country doesn't seem a far reach!

    Happy new year,,,L,,,T

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Thanks Bob & Todd

Happy New Year to you too!


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