Liberty Guard Sues TSA

I hope Bob Barr has better luck than Jesse Ventura did with his lawsuit. ~ Noa

Alex [Jones] talks with former federal prosecutor and a former member of the United States House of Representatives, Bob Barr. Mr. Barr was the Libertarian Party nominee for president in the 2008 election.!/RealAlexJones

Liberty Guard, a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization with more than 4,000 members dedicated to protecting and defending individual liberty, has filed suit in the Superior Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This suit, which can be read here, is part of Liberty Guard’s defense of the civil liberties of American citizens against the intrusive searches that routinely confront air travelers by the TSA at airport security checkpoints.

Former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA), who serves as Chairman of Liberty Guard, commended President Joe Seehusen and Attorney Christopher L. Markham for filing the lawsuit. “This lawsuit will help empower all those who travel by commercial air carrier, to be protected against arbitrary and privacy-invasive techniques employed by the federal government that are of questionable constitutional validity,” said Barr.

The suit explains that the TSA and DHS have refused to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from Liberty Guard dealing with the November 2010 “opt-out” movement. Liberty Guard is seeking that the court force the government to comply with request.

Liberty Guard is non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that engages in public education campaigns, court action, and legislative activity. Liberty Guard makes full use of the media, courts, legislative influence and, most importantly, the energy of its supporters to advance liberty.

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Don't Fear the TSA! Request your FREE Traveler's Rights Card

Know your rightsGroping, naked X-Ray scans, and invasive searches by government bureaucrats -- probably not what you had in mind as part of your holiday travels.

That's why Liberty Guard is launching the Opt Out Alliance and offering you a Traveler's Rights Card at no-charge.  Please request yours below.  While it may not arrive in time for your next flight, you’ll receive a printable, temporary card immediately!

Your card arms you with information they don’t want you to have like:

  • The appropriate steps to Opt Out of TSA Full-Body Scanners and "enhanced" pat downs
  • How to file an official complaint -- on the spot
  • Who you can call to report your experience to the media

Please make sure to report any “enhanced search” methods that make you uncomfortable.  When the TSA and Department of Homeland Security start receiving thousands of official complaints every day, they will be forced to reconsider their invasive and unconstitutional search techniques.

The purpose of this card is to help you understand your rights and to build an alliance of people in solidarity against the invasive TSA procedures.  Remember, the TSA exists only with public consent. ~ Noa

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