A Major 'Event' Planned for October?

Many people were predicting that the Euro and/or the Dollar would collapse this summer.  Now that we're into August, I guess the central banks are still trying to postpone the inevitable with more ponzi schemes.

Below is an interview with a St. Louis police officer who claims that his department (in conjunction with the military) is being trained to maintain order for a major cataclysmic event in October.  Could this be the financial collapse we've been waiting for?

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Here's a related article:


Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America

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Susanne Posel
August 3, 2012

The US government has been scheming on how to provide for continuity of government for many decades now. According to Peter Santilli, an informant who is an ex-marine and worked on portions of the contingency plans known as Rex 84, civil unrest will come after a financial collapse.

The Readiness Exercise 1984, a.k.a. Rex 84, outlines continuity of government wherein the US Constitution is suspended, martial law is declared and the US military command take over state and local governments in order to ensure stabilization of our nation at any cost. Any American who is deemed a “national security threat” would be detained in an interment or FEMA camp.

The author of Rex 84 was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, National Security Council (NSC) White House aids and NSC liaison to FEMA.

Rex 84 is the plan; the triggers are a series of executive orders . It is the continuity of government under specific contingency strategies that are laid out in various operations guide manuals. Operation Garden Plot is a subprogram of Rex 84.

Twice before, Rex 84 was implemented – during the LA riots and on 9/11. In these scenarios, only small portions of the entire set of documents were used. Within the series of contingency plans, implementation of them depends on the severity of the situation.

Some of the plans include internment camps where all or portions of the active or inactive military bases would be transformed into work camps where all considered to be dissonant would be held. The NORTHCOM army manuals clearly state that NATO forces will be used in every phase of the operation.

According to Santilli, procedures to move conventional, chemical and nuclear bombs across the nation without detection have been facilitated without notice by the US military.

Back in 1986, during his military service where he was involved with weapons transportation, Santilli describes how an unmarked refrigerated trailer driven by a civilian driver was used to transport chemical or conventional weapons to various strategic bases both above and underground.

Santilli was a specialist in aviation deployed weapons, which made him the perfect candidate to the assignment of weapons transportation.

The refrigerated truck, allocated by the administration department on base, was directed to the commissary, where the unsuspecting driver believed that he was transporting food. The weapon was placed at the head of the trailer, and covered up with either food stores (like cans of soup) or body bags. In the event that the truck is stopped en route, the weapon would be well hidden and go undetected by inspectors on the public highways.

A US Marine Corp bill of lading was the paperwork necessary to move the commercial refrigerated truck through weigh stations on public highways without any question. Santilli remembers that there was not one incident where he had to enact any security measures to ensure the delivery was made.

Santilli, who was assigned to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver, says that his orders were to make sure the truck arrived at its destination. He was informed by his superiors that if there were problems concerning potential civil unrest, he was to radio into his superiors for aid by either air or ground support.

Should the situation warrant serious attention; crowd control methods would be implemented.

One possible scenario was the use of cluster bomb units (CBUs) that will emit upon detonation, a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon that will not disturb infrastructure, but is lethal to all living things within the effected zone. Santilli describes these particular 3 unit CBUs as shaped like water-heaters with a coned top and plunger-like device. Once deployed in the air, a parachute assists these CBUs to the targeted area. And when detonated, a deadly chemical gas will kill every human and animal in the specified cordoned area.

This is just one example, says Santilli, as to the lengths the US armed forces are trained to make sure continuity of government is preserved.

Santilli explained that the use of foreign troops on US soil, as described in Rex 84 and other subsequent manuals, would have a two-fold purpose.
Firstly, to provide extra security in designated areas, cities or highways; and secondly, as scapegoats were violent action used against American citizens should the US military be directed to attack civilians.

The refrigerated truck, carrying the chemical or conventional weapon with Santilli riding shotgun travelled to underground bases like the one at Yuma Proving Ground which is a ammunitions testing range for pilots. Nestled underneath the ground is a secret military base.

Santilli explains that his knowledge of Rex 84 provides that within the document, one of the scenarios that would cause a complete suspension of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and implement martial law would be a financial collapse. He says once the collapse occurs, the US government and defense agencies estimate they have a 72 hour window to activate all procedures to ensure continuity of government as well as a lockdown of the general population as civilian unrest, riots and outbreaks of violence are anticipated.

A source in the Deutsche Bank claims that in 2008 our financial and monetary system completely collapsed and since that time the banking cartels have been “propping up the system” to make it appear as if everything was fine. In reality our stock market and monetary systems are fake; meaning that there is nothing holding them in place except the illusion that they have stabilized since the Stock Market Crash nearly 5 years ago.

Since this time, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in conjunction with FEMA and other federal agencies have been quickly working to set in place their directives of control under a silent martial law.

The Deutsche Bank informant says that the cause for the bailout of the banks was a large sum of cash needed quickly to repay China who had purchased large quantities of mortgage-backed securities that went belly-up when the global scam was realized. When China realized that they had been duped into buying worthless securitized loans which would never be repaid, they demanded the actual property instead. The Chinese were prepared to send their “people” to American shores to seize property as allocated to them through the securitized loan contracts.

To stave this off, the American taxpayers were coerced by former President Bush and former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. During that incident, the US Senate was told emphatically that they had to approve a $700 million bailout or else martial law would be implemented immediately. That money was funneled through the Federal Reserve Bank and wired to China, as well as other countries that were demanding repayment for the fraudulent securitizations.

To further avert financial catastrophe, as well as more debt or property seizure threats by the Chinese, the Euro was imploded there by plunging most of the European countries into an insurmountable free-fall for which they were never intended to recover.

All the money that those banks claimed they needed to avert collapse was also sent to the Chinese to add to the trillions of dollars lost during the burst of the housing bubble on the global market.

The only saving grace has been the US dollar being the global reserve currency. However, now this prop is showing signs of wear as foreign nations like China, Russia, India and Iran are dealing in gold as currency and purchasing gold on the market at an exponential rate.

In 1970, Henry Kissinger made a deal with the Saudi Arabian government that American debt would be purchased in exchange for cheap oil. Since then Iran has taken control over the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) by their use of gold as currency which has threatened the direct value of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

This scenario with Iran coupled with the massive leaps forward in US military presence on American streets and the emergence of FEMA camps across the nation pose an obvious turn of events and explains exactly why we are witnessing the silent implementation of martial law.

The war with Iran has to do with gold, its use as currency and its exposure of the central banking cartel’s lack of gold which defines a fiat currency’s worth. And right now, the US dollar is absolutely worthless.

The Deutsche Bank informant says that the financial collapse that happened in 2008 will be realized here in America very soon. Once that happens, there must be full implementation of marital law to control the potential riots and control over citizens that will be desperate to feed their families.

The attacks of recent on the 2nd Amendment play a significant role in attempting “amicably” to remove the possibility of civilian retaliation against the US military’s presence throughout the nation. However, if they cannot remove the guns from our hands in time, they will continue on with the guidelines set out in Rex 84 with directives to kill any dissenters that refuse to obey.

Susanne Posel’s website is Occupy Corporatism.

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11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System

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Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
July 31, 2012

Are we rapidly approaching a moment of reckoning for the global financial system?  August is likely to be a relatively slow month as most of Europe is on vacation, but after that we will be moving into a “danger zone” where just about anything could happen.  Historically, a financial crisis has been more likely to happen in the fall than during any other time, and this fall is shaping up to be a doozy.

Much of the focus of the financial world is on whether or not the euro is going to break up, but even if the authorities in Europe are able to keep the euro together we are still facing massive problems.  Countries such as Greece and Spain are already experiencing depression-like conditions, and much of the rest of the globe is sliding into recession.  Unemployment has already risen to record levels in some parts of Europe, major banks all over Europe are teetering on the brink of insolvency, and the flow of credit is freezing up all over the planet.  If things take a really bad turn, this crisis could become much worse than the financial crisis of 2008 very quickly.

All over the world people are starting to write about the possibility of a major economic crisis starting this fall.

For example, a recent article in the International Business Times discussed how some economists around the globe are fearing the worst for the coming months….

The consensus? The world economy has entered a final countdown with three months left, and investors should pencil in a collapse in either August or September.

Citing a theory he has been espousing since 2010 that predicts “a future lack of policy flexibility from the monetary and fiscal side,” Jim Reid, a strategist at Deutsche Bank, wrote a note Tuesday that gloated “it feels like Europe has proved us right.”

“The U.S. has the ability to disprove the universal nature of our theory,” Reid wrote, but “if this U.S. cycle is of completely average length as seen using the last 158 years of history (33 cycles), then the next recession should start by the end of August.”

The global financial system is so complex and there are so many thousands of moving parts that it is always difficult to put an exact date on anything.  In fact, history is littered with economists that have ended up looking rather foolish by putting a particular date on a prediction.

But without a doubt we are starting to see storm clouds gather for this fall.

The following are 11 more signs that time is quickly running out for the global financial system….

#1 A number of very important events regarding the financial future of Europe are going to happen in the month of September.  The following is from a recent Reuters article that detailed many of the key things that are currently slated to occur during that month….

In that month a German court makes a ruling that could neuter the new euro zone rescue fund, the anti-bailout Dutch vote in elections just as Greece tries to renegotiate its financial lifeline, and decisions need to be made on whether taxpayers suffer huge losses on state loans to Athens.

On top of that, the euro zone has to figure out how to help its next wobbling dominoes, Spain and Italy – or what do if one or both were to topple.

#2 Reuters is reporting that Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos has suggested that Spain may need a 300 billion euro bailout.

#3 Spain continues to slide deeper into recession.  The Spanish economy contracted 0.4 percent during the second quarter of 2012 after contracting 0.3 percent during the first quarter.

#4 The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 24.6 percent.

#5 According to the Wall Street Journal, a new 30 billion euro hole has been discovered in the financial rescue plan for Greece.

#6 Morgan Stanley is projecting that the unemployment rate in Greece will exceed 25 percent in 2013.

#7 It is now being projected that the Greek economy will shrink by a total of 7 percent during 2012.

#8 German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble says that the rest of Europe will not be making any more concessionsfor Greece.

#9 The UK economy has now plunged into a deep recession.  During the second quarter of 2012 alone, the UK economy contracted by 0.7 percent.

#10 The Dallas Fed index of general business activity fell dramatically to -13.2 in July.  This was a huge surprise and it is yet another indication that the U.S. economy is rapidly heading into a recession.

#11 As I have written about previously, a banking crisis is more likely to happen in the fall than at any other time during the year.  The global financial system will enter a “danger zone” starting in September, and none of us need to be reminded that the crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008 all happened during the second half of the year.

So is there any hope on the horizon?

European leaders have tried short-term solution after short-term solution and none of them have worked.

Now countries all over Europe are sliding into depression and the authorities in Europe seem to be all out of answers.  The following is what one eurozone diplomat said recently….

“For two years we’ve been pumping up the life raft, taking decisions that fill it with just enough air to keep it afloat even though it has a leak,” the diplomat said. “But now the leak has got so big that we can’t pump air into the raft quickly enough to keep it afloat.”

The boat is filling up with water faster than they can bail it out.

So what is the solution?

Well, some of the top names in economics on both sides of the Atlantic are urging authorities to keep the debt bubble pumped up by printing lots and lots more money.

For example, even though the U.S. government is already running trillion dollar deficits New York Times “economist” Paul Krugman is boldly proclaiming that now is the time to print and borrow even more money.  He is proud to be a Keynesian, and he says that “you should be a Keynesian, too.

Across the pond, the International Business Editor of the Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, is strongly urging the ECB to print more money….

Needless to say, I will be advocating 1933 monetary stimulus à l’outrance, or trillions of asset purchases through old fashioned open-market operations through the quantity of money effect (NOT INTEREST RATE ‘CREDITISM’) to avert deflation – and continue doing so until nominal GDP is restored to its trend line, at which point the stimulus can be withdrawn again.

But is more money and more debt really the solution to anything?

In the United States, M2 recent surpassed the 10 trillion dollar mark for the first time ever.  It has increased in size by more than 5 times over the past 30 years.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Unfortunately, our debt has been growing much faster than GDP has over that time period.

For example, during the second quarter of 2012 U.S. government debt grew by 274.3 billion dollars but U.S. GDP only grew by 117.6 billion dollars.

Our problem is not that there is not enough money floating around.

Our problem is that there is way, way too much debt.

But this is how things always go with fiat currencies.

There is always the temptation to print more.

That is one of the big reasons why every single fiat currency in history has eventually collapsed.

Printing more money will not solve our problems.  It will just cause our problems to take a different form.

In the end, nothing that the authorities can do will be able to avert the crisis that is coming.

A lot of people are starting to realize this, and that is one reason why we are seeing so much economic pessimism right now.

For example, according to a new Rasmussen poll only 14 percent of all Americans believe that children in America today will be “better off” than their parents.

That is an absolutely stunning figure, but it just shows us where we are at.

Our economy has been in decline for a long time, and now we are rapidly approaching another major downturn.

You better buckle up, because this downturn is not going to be pleasant at all.

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Clearly they are getting ready for something the question is what? Project Camelot info., sott.net and Clif High seem to think that something might be natural disaster. I really don't know but I think the financial collapse could be a cover for their preparations.


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If it's a "natural" disaster, how do they know it will happen in October?

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Do you really think that all Natural Disasters, are in fact NATURAL.

I for one have seen and heard enough to acknowledge there is a lot more than money within the control of the few. Once again I can come across a little blas'e being down here in N.Z. a small isolated island in the South Pacific.

 I did notice at a friends (who have SKY T.V.) they were advertising a USA documentry about those in USA that are preparing for an Armageddon. Why would they make a T.V. show of such a thing? Unless they were maybe trying to scare a few more people.

Be strong Noa, you are more powerfull than you may realise right now, however when the time comes, your light will shine bright .............. With Love

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Supposedly NASA has detected an object about 1/3 footbal field size that will come very close to the earth but they aren't sure if it will hit or not. Even if it doesn't hit, it could do strange things to the tides and cause earthquakes. Science can frequently give people a good idea of what is to come, like predicting the weather but it isn't always perfectly accurate, so the military guys always prepare for the worst and earlier than the actual science may predict.

Nothing happened the last time these same sources got all excited that something was coming close to earth so there's a good chance nothing will happen again. However, many people seem to think that we are now in a dangerous region of space that will cause the earth much of what the Mayans were talking about for 2012, so there may be other asteroids that might hit the earth.

Kerry's blog:

Dr. Bill Deagle's radio show:


Clif High talking about a possible global coastal event

(here Clif mentions the farsight.org predictions. I looked at this data and thought it was pretty bad data but Clif High seems to think it is good. Is he just profitting off of fear mongering?? Don't know but I'm continually compelled to listen to him because he sounds so well informed. Perhaps he's just very good at mind control techniques)


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what they know is not being shared in full.  I heard that call in too Noa.  I don't know if he is right, but I am sure that he is scared and worried by what he was briefed on.  He hung up in tears at the end of his call...  Wouldn't hurt to start getting into the mindset of storing food and water (3 month supply).  Problem with that is, how many people have the resources and room for this?  Could get ugly before it gets beautiful again - small price to pay to move the collective evolving us off this current despotic insincere irresponsible sticky nonsense.  It's time already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah Ian, many of the biggest natural disasters aren't 'natural' at all... but then, I wouldn't call the man-made ones 'natural.'  And I'm sure Clif High knows the difference.

I'm with you, Chris.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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Just saw this video of militarized police armed against peaceful protesters exercising their 1st amendment right.  If this type of 'law enforcement' doesn't disturb you, it should.



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Don't know if anyone else has been following the Drake shows on Global Voice Radio regarding a new system about to come online - but he was told that something would happen this coming Thursday that the mainstream media could not ignore. I got the impresion it was something "natural" - ie as Wendy suggests - an asteroid etc.

Interesting stuff and at least a little hopeful sounding - with the Neal Keenan lawsuit as the basis for it all. Apparently with military support as well- which would be necessary. The shows are wed and sunday - just google Drake weekend update and look for the global voice radio link!

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I haven't been listening to Drake since Clif High said that he could tell (as a linguist) that Drake's speech patterns revealed that he was lying.  Clif also said that Drake was adversely influencing David Wilcock.

But who knows what the truth really is?

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Hi All-

Clif High has mentioned lately that Sean David Morton's book "Sands of Time" is an excellent overview of what's going on lately. I can't afford the $35 for it (not yet available in paperback) but I've been listening to his shows, posted on You Tube lately. Sean definitely does seem to have a perspective that makes sense to me and lots of interesting ideas I hadn't heard elsewhere. I would consider him well worth the listen. If you just search for his name on You Tube you'll find lots of recent posts.


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There would be a picture of the Sands of Time book in the dictionary under the listing of Truth is Stranger than Fiction.  Reading that book would help one better understand what the WingMakers Ancient Arrow mythology & a certain section in book 5 of the Law of One was and is attempting to communicate IMO.  Here is Sean in a great interview and two mp3 files from Dr. Joseph Farrell on Roswell and the Reich.

The technology developed in hyperdrive over a 20 year period by the Nazis is a story that needs to be told and understood before one can truly understand what is really going on back then and to this day.  This is less about UFO's from "outer space" and much more about how advanced this technology has and continues to become.  We are truly in a mental and psychological "playpen" matrix...

You can almost hear those from this breakaway part of mankind saying to the masses,

"You want answers?" ("I want the truth!") "You can't handle the truth!"

Sean David Morton : UFO's and Area 51 and new best selling book "Sands of Time" - YouTube

Dr. Joseph Farrell…”Roswell And The Reich; The Nazi Connection”…Part 2 | Kauilapele's Blog

(the two mp3 files, part one and two are on the above page)

here is his website strangeuniverseradio.com

Sean David Morton

and this I haven't listened to yet

Clif High Interview w/Sean David Morton [7/24/2012] - YouTube

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Am listening to this right now - very appropriate for this thread and possible October surprise (or whenever in that general time frame...  Clif speaks in context of "by June of next year")

Webbot Project - Clif's Wujo - E15 - July 23, 2012 - Confirmation from RV experiments ... (full) - YouTube

The Farsight Institute | Remote Viewing Nonprofit Research & Education

Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing & Earth Changes Data For 2013, Timelines & Anomalies pt.1-2 - YouTube

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I just finished listening to Clif High Interview w/Sean David Morton [7/24/2012] - YouTube  My initial reaction was, if (as Clif says) the PTW are going into their hidey holes in a few months, that should put an end to the chemtrails, GMOs, and other destructive strategies.   But then I thought, if they're all just gonna bug-out, what's the point of bombarding us with toxins like there's no tomorrow?

One could argue that it's part of the Agenda 21 depopulation plan or that it's a final grab at milking the maximum wealth and power... but then, that's kind of like beating a dead horse, isn't it?

It's one thing to bunker down in safety from the angry, wronged masses.  But if they're hoping to avoid a natural or manmade disaster, which would reduce our numbers anyhow, why continue with the global poisoning?

Anyone care to guess?

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Here's my stab at a guess. I think the chemtrails may be able to provide some planetary protection from a possible CME from the sun. If the atmosphere is wiped out by an intense CME  they won't have the oxygen they need for more than a few days is my guess. I also don't beleive they are capable of growing all their own food sustainably down in the holes - they are dependant on stored supplies and then will need to resupply with food grown up above. I think Clif might be mistaken that the chemtrails will stop when they go below. I think they are counting on their servants to continue the program for them. These people may even have their own families hid safely below and are willing to risk their lives to protect the community.

There is also the whole idea that the chemtrails may we working in conjunction with gmo foods to change people into more compliant slaves...I think there is a Sofia interview about that somewhere.


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