Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is doing tremendous work to educate people and to heal the planet.  Please visit her website and watch this eye-opening video.




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Holy cow - a lot of what she has to say makes sense! For the longest time, (going back to earlier interviews with her) I've been wondering if she's just completely off her rocker or just so far ahead of the rest of us that she looks and sounds crazy. I like the metaphor about taking personal responsibility for clearing the chemtrails from our own minds.

The sounds of torchered people as background noise for TV? - Yea, I believe it. (also within much of what passes for music these days on pop radio) Here's my personal delema - Do I run outside and brave the chemtrails or do I run at the gym and brave the torcher sounds in the "music" they play.

It is good to see her grow, something special is definitely going on with her.

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Here's another woman who doesn't care what others think of her and bravely speaks her own truth.

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