Syria: The REAL Story

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Good discussion on Cross Talk (RTTV)
and this from the Corbett Report
Stephen Cohen speaks well to these mideast issues in context with Russia relations (or lack thereof).
And Jack Matlock is worth a listen.
and this one

We don't know what Trump might do, and we do know that Hillary is somewhat bent on initiating conflict with Russia concerning Syria. I wish Stephen J. Cohen was running for POTUS, with Jack Matlock as his VP running mate. Talk about a "between a rock and a hard place" situation.

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Good video,,,,Putin has said exactly the same thing in interviews with rooms full of journalists, but it never gets broadcast here......

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Here's another documentary to view on the subject

and something on the climate change angle (Syria, with all it's complex issues, may be a small window into the near future concerning more stressed and failed states in relation to climate change pressures). The Pentagon is on record for saying the #1 threat to national and global security is climate change. Regardless of what is actually causing climate change, the effects and resulting consequences are very likely here to stay for quite some time.

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When you can recognize the pattern, you won't be sucked into the delusion. 

The systematic creation of fear and hatred (problem, reaction, solution):

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