The enchanting, aetheric, transcendent voice and music of Snatam Kaur

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Hi Chris,

 Your post of these tunes was a great idea. I don't know what she's saying so it could be about locomotive crashes or laundry day. But what a beautiful voice....very moving and soothing for my addled brain.
  I loved the jazz band Weather Report and on their album Heavy Weather there's a percussion only jam with some intense verbal/vocal riffing in Spanish. So when I ran into a friend from Peru he listened to it for me and said it was complete nonsense! It was chanting!!!!! Something like scat I guess. Cracked me up!

Peace to you-Brian

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I love those moments, after emotionally investing weeks, months, even years into some idea of something, it all comes crashing down like some illusion (huh?), and the universe, along with the candle holder, is still standing.  What a wonderful playground this very dynamic illusory construct is.... ohhhhhmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh

here is a link that give some info on her, what's she's singing...  she is quite a treasure...

Snatam Kaur Khalsa

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Thanks Chris-

Maybe everyone is already familiar with her but here's my favorite.

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Thanks Wendy, what a strong voice....

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Saw that you recently posted one of the best from Snatam Kaur.  I posted this about 19 weeks ago after stumbling upon her on youtube.  The first one I heard was the Irish folk song she covered so well, "Long Time Sun".  Was so touched by her gentle majesty that I ordered almost all her CD's (used on Amazon).

Enjoy! (again)

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Something a little different to add to the mix. I hope you enjoy.  The documentary on the years of training I found amzing also.

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Namaste, Chris.  A beautiful gift.  I think I'll have to go buy some of her music as well.  :)  Lately, I feel like music is more important than food....

Lots of love,


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I am ordering most of what I can find on and thank you once again for your posts. You have got me to the point where I cannot wait for your next post...

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for all you Morricone fans out there:

Hope it brings a smile to your day!


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Silly my goose bumped arse, that was deeeelicious!!!

thanks for the refreshing break Francis!

check out their cover of "Life on Mars" too

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Thank you Francis,

Now what are we really GOOD, BAD or UGLY :)


P.S. Ohhh!! I do miss those days of the great western movies

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