What's going on in Antarctica ?

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Joseph P. Farrel had a very interesting post this week. I'd love to hear people's thoughts about it.I agree with Farrel that it sounds like there may be meetings with extraterrestials going on in Antartica. I don't think it's just an archaelological find or there wouldn't be any reason to send John Kerry.




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Clif High has some speculation about Antartica


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Thanks Wendy,,,I really liked that one. I had seen a video with a couple of aerial views of the tunnels, and of course there are quite a few views about Atlantis being found there. The thing about Atlantis is,,the Tibetan translation means,,,"lost lands". Their belief, like Edgar Cayce's,,Ruth Montgomery's and others was that Atlantis was a group of countries, civilizations, whatever, not just one place. There was a main city,,or capitol, or,,,once again, whatever, where decisions were made,and the highest tech was developed and utilized. Ever since I understood what a polar shift was,is,,,, I have wondered what lies beneath Antarctica, and I'm sure I am not the only one! The funny thing about all the recent visitors there was how quiet it was kept in mainstream.
I like his explanation about how and why so many things are being revealed now, almost too many to keep up with, and the rest of the interview was a lot of fun too!
Oh! and Merry Xmas!

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