Shame on Europe?

 This opinion article in the Guardian seems to sum up the situation in a way that resonates with what I've felt was happening. Namely that the Greeks are being sacrificed to "appease the Gods of speculation". Many posts following the article say "so what?" Seems callous to me but are they missing the point? That countries are now "economies" rather than "societies"? 

Is this article off base??

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The planned financal destruction of the US is ongoing, but don't take it too seriously...

(Ex-)Governor Jesse Ventura is flamboyant, over-the-top, and has all the finesse of a rhinocerous, but you've got to love him for his guts and honesty.  The latest episode of his "Conspiracy Theory" show (shown last Friday) is about what and who was and is behind the big bank bailouts and the purposeful, ongoing financial (and political) destruction of the United States.  Yes, his presentations are sensational, and humility is as foreign to his persona as wearing pink ballet slippers, but he interviews some unusually insightful people and pretty much nails the subject in concise, easy-to-un

Elite Endgames: A Possible X-Ray of the Financial "Crisis"

Of course it would be wise (and adroit) of us to keep the in-process positive transformation of the planet and and ourselves in mind as we navigate the shell-scarred terrain of these latter days of the Empire.  We may be hurting because of this and all other crises, but I'm trying to see the whole thing as the
last showing ever of the Follies of Self Run Amok and enjoy it as much as

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