deceptive politics

You will know them by their actions

I've been fascinated by the discussion over at the "Project Blue Beam..." thread.  There is just too much that I don't know, or can't know with certainty, however, regardless of who or what is behind some of the actions we see corporations doing, whether guided by alien entities or simple human derangement, sometimes we can easily see what we need to oppose... with vigor, and this is one of those times.

Bill Moyers Interviews Rev. Jerimiah Wright

In this video, Bill Moyers interviews the brilliantly outspoken and courageous minister, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Please note that the Reverend Wright has been deliberately smeared - and trashed - by
the war-cheerleading, Republican-owned media (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN,
etc....), so that Hillary, who "gets along with the Republicans," will

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