Question of the week: What hooks you, and how do you get unhooked?

Hi, all.  

I'd love to hear about what things in your daily life get a charge out of you, or hook you into behavior that is not so... enlightened.  I'd also welcome suggestions on what has worked for you in the past, as far as "unhooking" goes.  We're all learning as we go along.

Much love and light, and hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend!


WingMakers Chat Room Discussion

Hey beloved sacred journeyers! Thanks to our beautiful new chat feature, we're going to have our first gathering in the chat room to discuss the WingMakers material on Saturday, Feb. 9th at noon Pacific time (GMT - 8). We'd love to have you join us. Just go to the home page at that time and click on the shiny new "Chat" button there.

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