WingMakers Chat Room Discussion

Hey beloved sacred journeyers! Thanks to our beautiful new chat feature, we're going to have our first gathering in the chat room to discuss the WingMakers material on Saturday, Feb. 9th at noon Pacific time (GMT - 8). We'd love to have you join us. Just go to the home page at that time and click on the shiny new "Chat" button there.

And feel free to announce your own gathering about any topic in the chat room. Just click on the chat button, write a message setting a time and a topic, and invite everyone to join you. I love how our community portal is just getting better all the time! Thanks so much for helping to make it such a happenin' place!!!

With lots of love and excitement,

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Thank you for this information I will be with you all on 9 Feb. Now it is time to review the WingMakers course material.

Love to all,

Carl Azcar

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Ditto! (I may have to work but I'll make it if I can).


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