"Future Talk" at Exopolitics

Here is a Project Camelot interview with three presenters at the Barcelona Exopolitics conference that expanded my view and lifted my heart enormously about the immediate and long-term destiny of the human race -- with serious warnings about destructive events of the next year and a half, specifically.  It's very nuts and bolts, but also visionary.  It has much fascinating information about ET facilities, our own ET cousins' presence here, our actual relations with other ET races, teletransportation technology, and more.  A very big picture.  A very substantial and fascinating testimony.  E

Disclosure - Steven Greer at the Exopolitic Summit in Barcelona

This seventy minute video is a must watch. Steven Greer is dynamic and exciting in this lecture to the Exopolitic Summit which just occured this last weekend in Spain. ( The introduction is in Spanish but Dr. Greers lecture is in English)





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