The Future I Feel

I stumbled across this video that left me feeling inspired by optimism. I hope someone else can relate to it. It's more lush and louder than I would create were it mine but I like it. There are many shots from inspiring sci fi movies and some are profoundly moving to me. But from about 1:15 in, the story of how plants are miracles is laid out simply and it means you are a miracle-the divine shines through every cell in our bodies-even the chubby ones or the moles and freckles.

"Future Talk" at Exopolitics

Here is a Project Camelot interview with three presenters at the Barcelona Exopolitics conference that expanded my view and lifted my heart enormously about the immediate and long-term destiny of the human race -- with serious warnings about destructive events of the next year and a half, specifically.  It's very nuts and bolts, but also visionary.  It has much fascinating information about ET facilities, our own ET cousins' presence here, our actual relations with other ET races, teletransportation technology, and more.  A very big picture.  A very substantial and fascinating testimony.  E

Signs of the Times

This is from a San Fransisco paper.  They're still making it look like a fringe thing, but I think we'll be seeing more of this.


Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Being Practical

I found this article at Der Spiegel online. Below are just the opening paragraphs, along with the link to the full text. While we rhapsodize about harmonics and convergences and other stuff that I frankly do not understand (silly unevolved human that I am), here is what is spreading across the world. Where are we when the shit hits the fan?

Interesting Book Review...Most Exciting Time

Dear Friends,

Haven't read the book, but I came across this article about it.  I admire the author's honest conclusions, especially her statement that we live in the most exciting time in history.  Surely it is turning into one of the most difficult times.  Though this article doesn't highlight it, the author seems to have a grasp of the fact that problems are also opportunities.

Editorial: The End Of The World As We Know It

Found this editorial at the Arizona Republic. It pretty closely reflects my views of what's happening in the 3D world. Don't forget to stock up on water purification tablets.



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