global climate change

Global Climate Change - #1 Threat to Our Survival

I went through 5 pages of recent forum posts to try and find a forum post primarily on the subject of global climate change and could not find one.  I find it intriguing that there isn't more discussion on the subject these days.  So now we have a recent forum post for all things global climate change related for anyone to post whatever they wish in relation to the subject just for the Halibut.

Here are a few excellent choices for the increasingly unavoidable subject at hand:

Increased solar radiation???

Has anyone besides me noticed that the energy/radiation from the sun has become greatly intensified this summer as compared to the past?  I'm a sun worshiper, or at least used to be.  But this summer, just a brief period of time in the direct sun is like being exposed to a very strong infrared spot light.

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