Global Climate Change - #1 Threat to Our Survival

I went through 5 pages of recent forum posts to try and find a forum post primarily on the subject of global climate change and could not find one.  I find it intriguing that there isn't more discussion on the subject these days.  So now we have a recent forum post for all things global climate change related for anyone to post whatever they wish in relation to the subject just for the Halibut.

Here are a few excellent choices for the increasingly unavoidable subject at hand:

Climate Documentary: The Cross of the Moment - YouTube

9/9/16 Urgent! Human Extinction Imminent! Situation Worsening! Guy McPherson With Carol Rosin - YouTube

Paul Watson talks Climate - YouTube

Sahlins - Stone Age Economics.pdf

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Got to watch two of the links so far,,,Paul Watson blows me away,,we need 7 billion of him!
Guy Mc Phearson has really taken a lot of crap for just passing on info, whew! I always question the shows based on statistics, but regardless, it seems big changes are coming whether we make drastic changes or not. I tend to think more positively about our chances of surviving if drastic measures are taken, because I think the group consciousness involved with these changes would count for a lot. Still, the likelihood of those changes doesn't seem probable, as all real suggestions have been swept under the rug by those profiting from the destruction of balance on our spaceship. Paul made a great analogy of Earth, using the ocean species as the crew running the life support system of the planet, and added details that I think almost anyone could understand, if only they heard his message! I find him to be brilliant,, the best talk I've heard anywhere on climate change.
I started to watch the first link, and couldn't get past the two guys speaking for the first 5 minutes of the film. I found everything they said to be based on arrogant scientific views about evolution and space. As if our recent exploration(with the most primitive methods) of a fraction of a trillionth of the universe qualifies them to make a judgement on whether there is other life in the universe, or how rare it is for the conditions to support life. But that just supports the general belief of man that he is it!, when all it really means is that "life as we know it" seems to take a huge collection of intertwining circumstances to develop. Jeez, if all the hidden evidence about the history of man, and of Earth, was put out there for all to see, there sure would be some different theories put forth. It's so true that westerners just don't believe anything unless they can hold it in their hands, dissect it,name it, and put it in a jar,ha! I will try to watch that one again,,,from where I left off...

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The one you didn't get through yet gets better further on, with more interesting participants. Got to meet Paul Watson in Redondo Beach, CA back in the early 90's at a talk he gave. He is so good at his chosen calling, a warrior for Mothership Earth to the bitter end. He has literally put his life on the line on many occasions, and almost died on two of them (that I know of, maybe more by now). Not to be mistaken for a religious context, but he reminds me of the Apostle Paul who claimed he had already died, so physical death did not concern him anymore.

I don't think positively or negatively about the subject of climate change anymore. Have made peace with the comforting knowledge that we will either right the ship and maybe survive, or the coming conditions of climate change will remove the destructive "us" from the equation and Mother Earth will patiently spend 1000's of years cleansing Herself again, become pristine again, start over again.

It wouldn't be the first time and very likely will not be the last. We cannot kill Her. We can only kill ourselves trying... I am comforted by that, the durability of this amazing awesome Mothership Earth. The conditions required to become a host for life are very rare indeed. What we are doing is like someone winning the lottery and then burning the money in the fireplace, and then complaining about being poor...

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another good discussion panel on the subject

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Another good one from Guy McPherson

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"We are knowingly doing this" Leonardo DiCaprio
Here is the trailer for the new documentary
and apparently, the full movie
and cool real time example of someone's lifestyle change

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A Minute to Breathe by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (from the documentary Before the Flood).

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Excellent Award winning documentary Chasing Ice from the National Geographic Channel
and here is Jame Balog of the Extreme Ice Survey from the documentary Chasing Ice showing the results of the EIS at a TED convention

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