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Wired for Empathy

In a world where too many people seemingly lack (what I call) the "empathy gene" this video inspires me to hope that we are naturally wired for empathy.  The world witnessed a massive outpouring of empathy after 9/11 as people from across the globe shared America's anguish. 

Zeitgeist: Addendum Released to Web! -- Great Vision of New Econ Paradigm

This is the long-awaited sequel to "Zeitgeist" the movie which was about (part 1) origins of and commonalities of world religions, (part 2) 9/11 was an inside job, get over it, and (part 3) emerging fascist patterns-- RFID chips, etc.

"Addendum" is quite different and optimistic, by comparison.

A call for a new monetary system

Posted below is the closing of an interesting analysis of the current economic mayhem we are experiencing. This article was written by Richard C. Cook and can be found in its entirity at:

I had not heard about the AMI before and want to investigate the site more at:

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