Wired for Empathy

In a world where too many people seemingly lack (what I call) the "empathy gene" this video inspires me to hope that we are naturally wired for empathy.  The world witnessed a massive outpouring of empathy after 9/11 as people from across the globe shared America's anguish. 

So I'm led to wonder, where in the human body is empathy produced?  Does it come from the heart or the brain?  Why is empathy so elusive within mainstream society?  I think that once the fraudulent global monetary system is eliminated and people are able to prosper from Earth's natural abundance, our capacity to empathize will also return.

There are some fascinating little tidbits here...


try thinking of it in reverse, it is not produced, it is always there, we block it.....the blocks hide it......as always people need to just let go and tada.....there it is.....

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Interesting point of view, Jez. Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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