Awesome New Energy Sources Provide Hope for Bright Future. Will They See the Light?

In the late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming commonplace. Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras.

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed

In spite of the name, this 45 minute video is much much more than just another Planet X red dwarf fearmongering sensational feature.  Don\'t let the name fool you.  It incorporates comprehensively so many of the things many of us are already familiar with and leaves one with an authentic inner intuitive sense of Hope for what all this really is, especially right now as we approach an interesting pivotal historical and well-documented date...  or as Drunvalo would say, an 8 year window from end of 2007 thru 2015...

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed - YouTube

New Energy Device With Real Potential

Dear wonderful TT friends,

A friend of mine who prefers to remain unnamed has come up with a most intriguing device which could potentially deliver energy very cheaply and easily independent of any power source. Based on magnets, take a look at the seven-minute video demonstration below. I have witnessed this fascinating invention with my own eyes.


I just wanted to say hello to everyone..... I've been here for a few days now and have been roaming around the page a bit..... I am enjoying reading the posts and your blogs......I don't think that I ever introduced myself. you know where to find my info, if you are again....

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