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Why the Occupiers are Getting Their Asses Kicked !



The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy

The violent police assaults across the US are no coincidence

Occupy has touched the third rail of our political class's venality

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Shot by over 100 media activists, this film tells the story of the enormous street protests in Seattle, Washington in November 1999, against the World Trade Organisation summit being held there. Vowing to oppose, among other faults, the WTO’s power to arbitrarily overrule nations’ environmental, social and labour policies in favour of unbridled corporate greed, protesters from all around came out in force to stop the summit. Against them is a brutal police force and a hostile media as well as a minority of destructively overzealous comrades.

Cops Clubbed & Sprayed OWS Protesters 10/5/2011

I had the live feed http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution open in one of my windows, but I wasn't really paying attention to it.  All of a sudden, I noticed police clubbing protesters and spraying them with pepper spray.  Then the live feed died.


Sorry, I thought I was witnessing a LIVE event, but it happened two nights ago. Gotta love the protesters for singing softly while their friends are getting beaten.  Why isn't anyone talking about this?


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