Scary Prophesy...........? maybe?

 I thought it might be interesting to some people to hear about what a friend and others say they are experiencing in dreams lately. My friend is a profoundly gifted psychic who has predicted earthquakes and other disasters well in advance. I witnessed her predict the exact date of the big Japan quake about a month before it happened. She is also a medical intuitive and empath who suffers whenever her friends have so much as a tummy ache-sucks eh? She just told me about a recurring dream she is having frequently.

psychic kids on air this coming Friday, August 21st

This came in from an email list (Ann Albers). I thought it might be of interest to many of us. I have not had the opportunity to view the content, but will watch friday. I am always interested in how mainstream media deals with what isn't considered 'mainstream'. Please forward as you see fit.         Rev. Kristyne          onesong

My Soulmate Nafetah

Today is the fifth anniversary of the day my wife and I united our intents and our hearts. We both understood we were in truth re-uniting and that our pledge was truly eternal. We were married in an octagonal glass house, high on a hill with the wildness of the southern California hills all around. It was a Baha'i ceremony, which is very simple.


In a way I hesitate to open up this new topic, but only because I don't intend to sit and write up my own psychic curriculum vitae.  I'm psychic but not more psychic than anyone else.  I have had many unusual experiences but we all have.  If there's anything unusual about me it is probably the fact that I was mentored at several times by a series of unusual people including a profes

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