psychic kids on air this coming Friday, August 21st

This came in from an email list (Ann Albers). I thought it might be of interest to many of us. I have not had the opportunity to view the content, but will watch friday. I am always interested in how mainstream media deals with what isn't considered 'mainstream'. Please forward as you see fit.         Rev. Kristyne          onesong

Subject: Psychic Kids Show Airs on ABC on Friday, August 21st

Hi Everyone,
There is a show on psychic kids on air this coming Friday, August 21st at 10pm, on ABC. The promos for the stories are already posted online: 

I am thrilled. On this web page they are interviewing Shannon
Lee Simpson - a woman whom I have known for several years who is an amazing and sensitive counselor who works with psychic and gifted children to assist them in understanding their special abilities. She was a psychic kid herself and knows the territory.
If you have a gifted child or think you do, she can be reached at:


In the interview on the ABC web page, they are talking about, and to, a young man I met while filming for the upcoming documentary "Hope for Humanity" (scheduled for release later this year). Pablo is a psychic kid who was on all sorts of drugs until he met Shannon, who helped him understand how to work with and set boundaries with the spirit world. Now Pablo helps other kids via his website:
I am excited about this movement - both the ABC show and the upcoming film "Hope for Humanity"  ( are raising awareness about the new wave of enlightened kids.
So many people are filled with despair about the future of our world. I am filled with hope and excitement. These children are our future - they are the ones who will merge spiritual awareness with practical matters in the next 20 years or so.
They are light and inspiration and their spirits must be
nurtured with our love and understanding.
So if you have one of these kids, were one of these kids, or are just in need of inspiration, tune in. I'll let you know
when the "Hope for Humanity" video is out. Voice Entertainment, co-founded by my dear friend Jim Law, is going to be building a resource network for people with gifted kids - if you work with kids like this you can contact him via the Voice Entertainment website noted above.
Blessings & Love,
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abc promo link:

for Shannon Simpson regarding psychically gifted children:

for Pablo helping other kids:


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