Not sure how to label this one... What are your thoughts on this?

Hey everyone, i am half way through this video and it's very curious. I am on the fence about some of it, but it is intriguing enough to put it out there. Anyway, if you watch it, please post your thoughts. 

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Excellent Information about the Cyclical Nature of our Solar System

The following link takes you to a PDF that can be downloaded and passed on to other interested parties and loved ones.  It is from, Clif High's (one of the Web Bot guys) website. It contains some of the best information I have found to describe what is actually going on in our solar system right now, and the very natural cyclical nature of our electro-magnetic universe.  The earth changes we have been told are due to human activity is better explained in the following information.

Total Solar Eclipse

Today there was a total solar eclipse of the sun which was visible from far north Canada all the way to central China.  I am placing a link to a video of the entire prossession from beginning to end.  The totality occures around the 37 minute mark but the whole video is interesting and fascinting.   The peak of the eclipse is awesome.  Watch and enjoy gang.

Solar Climax

At 6:59 pm this evening in Dallas Texas the Sun reached its climax in the journey to its northernmost aspect over the Earth.  The Summer Solstice.  The ancients observed it as it set in the West, but unfortunately with Daylight Savings Time, (what a farce!) it was not setting yet.

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