Not sure how to label this one... What are your thoughts on this?

Hey everyone, i am half way through this video and it's very curious. I am on the fence about some of it, but it is intriguing enough to put it out there. Anyway, if you watch it, please post your thoughts. 

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Deep Insider Tells of Creation, Subjugation, Transformation of Earth

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I have made a three-page summary of the powerful Hidden Hand material. I very much welcome any comments or suggestions before sending it out to our two email lists of 12,000 subscribers this Friday. I'd love to be able to shorten it to two pages, but don't see where I can cut any more. Here's the link:

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Yes! The Earth is Expanding

I first heard of the expanding earth theory from Clif High of the Web Bot project and HalfpastHuman.  Had no idea there was so much data on this model that answers questions that the old plate tektonic subduction theory cannot.  The first video is Neal Adams (referred by Clif High) and the 2nd video is 1st of 14 part discussion of the expanding earth theory by Dr. James Maxlow...  Enjoy

YouTube - Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

The Green Beautiful - Spiritual Movie

This is one of my favorite spiritual movies.  (It's also a comedy.)

La Belle Verte (in French with English subtitles).  Catch a glimpse of Utopia!

You can watch all 9 parts on YouTube:

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Paving the Way for the Future by the Fairies

 Paving the Way for the Future by the Fairies
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
           Multicoloured lights sweep and swirl through the air, gathering in a vast haze of active consciousness. The individual lights become intense as they fuse their energy as one, building their energy and power with the purpose of communication. The fairies are gathering in order to express their energy and wisdom to all.

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