It could be that the author/environmental activist, Derrick Jensen, is new to you or maybe you're familiar with his work.  Either way, I'd like to share some links to his material.

He impresses me with his straight-forward, logical approach and softly-spoken words.  And so, here are a few ways you can get your dose of Derrick...

Read his book, Endgame or his other books.  Here's his website:

Watch the video, Endgame (below) or the Derrick Jensen vids on Youtube 

The Earth Council: A Positive Alternative to the UN?

If someone could make a blueprint for how the people of the world could live in peace and harmony with one another -- within the natural ecosystem, this organization might just have done it.    ~ Noa

Introducing Earth Council 2012

An evolution of the UN into the EC (Earth Council) based on the Sovereignty of the Individual and Community Democracy.

The Chinese ideogram for “crisis” contains explicitly the roots “danger” and “opportunity”.

Family Grows 6000 lbs. of Food on 1/10th Acre

Struggling to make ends meet?  Your yard could be a source of food and income for you.


There is one family that is actually producing 6000 pounds of produce on just 1/10th of an acre right in the middle of Pasadena, California.  In fact, they grow so much food that they are able to sell much of it to restaurants in the area. 

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