The Great Turning: From Empire to Community

David Korten is the author of: "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community."  Time for real change has arrived; ONLY we the people can make it happen. Government & institutions will not accept change and implement it.

Below are more resources for discussing The Great Turning.

Trust is the Only Currency


I've just discovered PROUT, a group that supports basic rights and equality for humans and their coexistence within the natural environment.  Only one of their tenets gives me pause; their endorsement of one world government.  All their other ideals emphasize localization and decentralization, so maybe their 'world government' model is less ominous and controlling than the one in which we're familiar?  

Please read past the basic tenets to the article on Proutist Economics.  I'd like to know what you think.  ~ Noa

The Upcoming Powerful Alignments and the Shift from "I" to "Us"

I know guys, I am a nuisance with all the stuff I keep loading on you. But when I think that it fits, I put it in the hole.  So take it or leave it.

This blog from Celia Fenn, who is the channel for AA Michael is an excellent read. No it is not a channeled message, it is much more personal and to the point this time.  Read it and you will agree with me that she has a very important point to make.

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