Batman movie in Colorado -- Random attack or a preparatory false flag?

I just received the below from MoveOn, as some of you surely have, too.  In this environment of deception and false-flag attacks, one wonders whether the guy who did this was really just a random disturbed individual or one of the mind-controlled patsies who have apparently committed many (if not all) of the terrible killings (attempted and successful) that we're all aware of here. 

Bloomberg Cries "Wolf" on NYC Bomber



You may have heard that authorities allegedly thwarted a terrorist attack last night in NYC.  I was chatting online with some OWS supporters when Bloomberg's announcement came on the screen LIVE.  When he pulled out the confiscated bomb (an elbow joint with wires) we all laughed.  These lame attempts by the 'powers that were' to control us are getting ridiculous, and we know it.  People are waking up!  ~ Noa


The Christmas Bomber TV show!!

So Discovery Channel is playing this show right now about the terrorist bombing attempt and it's a whitewash. Discovery my ass.

1) They announced part way in they would omit critical information due to Nat. Security...

2) They don't interview or mention the American couple(both lawyers from Colorado) on the flight who saw and heard a well dressed man assist the bomber in getting thru security. (they reported this to FBI and were never contacted again)

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