Orlando shooting

Hi All,

I thought I'd start a post to put information about the Orlando shooting. I'm wishing this will never happen again and hope the survivors are healing quickly from the pain they must be feeling now.

There are already unusual reports of the police setting off a controlled explosion during the event and the event seems to have so many of the usual patterns characteristic of a false flag - lone gunman who is said to have extremist islamic ties, unusual reports like the supposed controlled explosion.

Batman movie in Colorado -- Random attack or a preparatory false flag?

I just received the below from MoveOn, as some of you surely have, too.  In this environment of deception and false-flag attacks, one wonders whether the guy who did this was really just a random disturbed individual or one of the mind-controlled patsies who have apparently committed many (if not all) of the terrible killings (attempted and successful) that we're all aware of here. 

Happy September 11th to all

Hello dear Team members,

The title of this comment feels like a risk, but I'm taking it. Partly because it is my choice not to enter a media-programmed fear/based morbidity on this day, and partly because I fell in love with the love of my life on September 11, 2001.  So it is an anniversary of love, and the beginning of the happiest time in my life.

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