A Vision

In 1980-1981, during a hypnotic exploration of what could be done make our world work for everyone who is here, I, John, experienced myself walking down a narrow trail in a deciduous forest. It was early autumn, the trail and woods beyond was lightly covered with the first of the trees’ leaves. The sky was gray and the breeze carried a sharp bite from the north. I was drawn to follow a little trail leading up the forested hillside, a narrow deer trail really, overgrown enough that I often had to crouch to pass. The trail ended abruptly at a large, sheer obsidian cliff; the black glass face, smooth and shiny. When I shared this with my hypnotic guide, she asked, “What now?” Immediately I knew and I walked directly into the cliff.

As I passed into the cliff, I found myself in space. The vast expanse and the colors and beauty of the stars took my breath away. After a moment, I felt the approach of a being of light. It was intuitively obvious they were someone kind and wise. They directed my attention toward my left and down. And there I saw the Earth, a blue, white, yellow and green jewel glistening description before me, beautiful beyond. And then I noticed all this, I can only call it, loving light pouring down into the Earth from every direction. My heart burst open and tears of love and joy poured down my face.

This being, my guide said to me, “Come closer. I want to show you something.” And so, we went down to the surface where I saw the light was flowing all over the surface of our planet and it was sinking down into every crack and crevice, every place that was dark and hidden. And out of all these dark places there flowed an awful ooze, horrible to smell and repulsive to behold. I turned away in fear and disgust.

In response my guide said, “You haven’t seen enough, yet.” Again I was taken down, this time into the crevices, into the places where the light was rooting out the darkness and I became small enough to see. The light was not only driving the darkness out of its accustomed abode, at the sub-atomic level, the light was touching the darkness in such a way that the light inherent in the darkness was revealed. The darkness itself was turning into light. Again, tears flowed.

I was taken back to the surface where I, again, instinctively turned away from the awful ooze. And again, I was taken back into space where there was no evidence of darkness. There was only a beautiful jewel of a planet immersed in a cosmic outpouring of love and light. At this point, it was not possible to determine whether the light was pouring in or out.

“At this very moment, for the people and nations of this Earth, may not even the names of disease, famine, war and suffering be heard, but rather may pure conduct, merit, wealth and prosperity increase, and may supreme good fortune and well being always arise!”

--Kyabje Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche

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Hi John,

Thanks for sharing that beautiful experience. Yes, we are looking right into those smelly cracks in the Earth, yet still able to see and evoke the underlying beauty. This for me is a big part of the transformation is about.

Wishing you an abundance of love and joy,

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