darkness and light

"Farewell to Power" from St. Germain

Hey Team -

I found a lot of good clarification and stuff to chew on below re: the spiritual meanings of the economic shifts going on this week and last.  Read if you're drawn, and live in true abundance!

love,  Kim



"Farewell to Power" with Saint Germain

The Bushman

I wasn't sure where to put this, as it is quite humorous as well as very serious at the same time.  This is one of those off the wall channelings that comes to my email occasionally, one of those which I don't give much credit to normally but often is entertaining.  I have copied the transmission in its entirety.



www.AshtarontheRoad .com/ashtartelec onference. html

Ashtar speaking at the March 25, 2008 teleconference:

A Vision

In 1980-1981, during a hypnotic exploration of what could be done make our world work for everyone who is here, I, John, experienced myself walking down a narrow trail in a deciduous forest. It was early autumn, the trail and woods beyond was lightly covered with the first of the trees’ leaves. The sky was gray and the breeze carried a sharp bite from the north.

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