Here is something I wrote nearly thirty years ago. It's still one of my favorites. It came to me nearly complete.



If all men are truly one

As it's taught by every Buddha, every Christ,

Then I am each and every person,

And everyone is me.

If, then, I bear all the hurt, all the anger,

Every pang and all the pain,

I claim as well the exhilaration

Of each of history's finest days.

Where then is the level of unity?

Do I end with my hands, or my enemy's?

The world, the universe, the mind of God,

The surge and tuck of magnetic time,

All truths spring from this numinous matrix.

I follow each path chanting:



fredburks's picture

Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing that most beautiful piece!!!

With sacred love flowing,

Max's picture

This is so beautiful, Dave. Beautiful because of its truth. Thank you so much for sharing.

penny_stone's picture

Thanks so much for sharing "Epiphany" with us ~ truly wonderful!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

UrsulaD's picture

Hi Dave,
Thank you for sharing your poem. That is very powerful!
Love and Light

JoyAnna's picture

Hello Dave,

Your poem is a lovely reminder of who we are.


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