Let This Be the Call

Here are two powerful poems by social commentary writer and poet, Anthony Anaxagorou. 

1.  The video presentation, On Exit can be found on his website:  http://anthonyanaxagorou.com/post/8778459039/new-spoken-word-piece-on-exit  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the written words to On Exit anywhere on the web.


Create We The Path - An Ancient Poem

The following is an excerpt from Jon Peniel's account (The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis) of his time at the ancient monastery where he received his adept training.  The poem is from the ancient library at that (now destroyed) remote Tibetan monastery.


He says," That's crazy talk Misty Fain."

"I'm not out to save the world."

And I wonder, Why not??


In conversation Noone hears,

unless it's about ol'  Britney Spears, or Nibaru.

Whatchu gonna do....about Nibaru??

And I wonder,

 What are we missing?


They all tell me to hold on to what I 'got.'


Here is something I wrote nearly thirty years ago. It's still one of my favorites. It came to me nearly complete.



If all men are truly one

As it's taught by every Buddha, every Christ,

Then I am each and every person,

And everyone is me.

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