Pray for People Who Hate

I saw this little 5 minute video on YouTube tonight and wanted to share it with all of you . . .

Have a great weekend, Team!


Penny  xoxo

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It brought tears.

That video was shot in Balboa Park in San Diego. So much of my life is bound up with that place. I literally spent a lot of my growing-up time there, and know every square inch of that gorgeous park. Of course that really upped the emotional impact for me. Thanks, Penny!


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It brought tears to my eyes, too.  Very powerful video!


Love & light,

Penny :-)

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Thanks Penny,
That is really beautiful. I have a problem watching video clips as our Internet here is just so very slow that one can only watch 2 second bits at a time. I do stop and let the buffer run, but it is still very annoying. I watched and listened to about half of it. The words and images are beautiful.
It is so true that the emotion which underlies all our emotions is Fear . . .
Love and Light

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Thank you for sharing this Penny. This loving those who are caught up in hate and greed and fear has become one of my main practices....this video quickened the love in my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

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