On Love

Hey beautiful friends,

Below are some of my favorite quotes on the transformative power of love. Enjoy!

With abundant love and joy,

Sacred Love: An open, timeless connection through which those involved feel naturally drawn to support and nurture each other's highest and deepest essence and intentions.

Whenever I hug someone, I want to consciously focus on sending the energy of "Hey beautiful being! Thank you for being with me in this precious moment together."

Insight on Twin Flame Relationships

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing wonderful. I've been pretty good myself, living in Anaheim right now, driving for uber, and writing and working out my body! I have been seeing someone recently, a beautiful soul... Who is tormented from her most recent relationship. It had all the signs of a twin flame connection- the volatile nature, the pushing back and forth, the intense, out of this world sex, etc. Here's the problem... This man was a narcissist sociopath. He did some unspeakable things to her. He cut her out of his life entirely and she never received closure a few months ago.

Global Love Day

Hi, all.

I'd like to suggest an experiment.  One of PEERS former board members (Harold Becker) is the head of The Love Foundation, and one of the leaders behind Global Love Day.  Hundreds of cities (444 as of today) around the world have made proclamations for Global Love Day.  What if tomorrow, we put aside everything else but expressions of love within the confines of this forum?  (Do what you will in the rest of your personal life, but in here, we practice only love and the intent to create a world we will be proud to leave to our children.) 

How pain is my close loving friend that helps me heal :)

Emotional Searching.... the art / practice of diving into them in seeking to understand rather then running away, hiding, disconnecting from them, or getting lost in them,

Sometimes one may feel a discomfort/pain, a sadness, hate, anger... often times theses feelings are disliked, so often the impulse is to get away from it...

the question i pose thou is what is this *"it"* your getting away from ???

the feeling? well where is the feeling coming from?? is it coming from yourself???

what you seek you find, where are you looking? separation or connection, fear or love, problems or solutions...

Some people want a partner, that's with them all the time, that energizes them, there presence makes the healthy, that empowers them, that revitalizes every cell of their being, that gets inside you and becomes one!!!! People its called oxygen(air) breath :D a reminder that sometimes all that we are looking for we already have and always did, me the earth and the cosmos are inseparable and there is much love!!!

Project: How to Fix the World

It's been a while since I have been on the Gspot, but I have continued my research and I came across this project. I have to say, people are amazing, especially when they work together!!!  There was a call to the public for solutions to the problems that have manifested, they have compiled all the submissions in one place. It's pretty interesting and comprehensive. And this is just the beginning.  :)

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