Crop Circles and Photobucket

Here are some fun pics I found recently while surfing the web. You can click on the pic to go to PhotoBucket, which is by the way, a great free resource for sharing your own favorite pics and videos on the web.
In joy and love,

Flower of Life crop circle


MilkHill 2001

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Hi Bodhi,
There is a site for crop circles. These are from England. I have put some links which I had saved if anybody wants to look at some more!

A new amazing "Butterfly Effect" celestial glyph
"This is one of the most beautiful formations ever to appear in the English fields. Let us hope this stunning butterfly effect can create good vibrations around the world!"

HYPER amazing and really beautiful glyph!

Many more through

Check also those in Germany!!

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Thanks Ursula!  These crop circles are fun, aren't they?
Love, Bodhi

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Hi Bodhi,
Have a look at the post I made over the weekend about Orbs, dolphins making air circles and there is supposed to be a link between the orbs and crop circles! There are some links to sites.
The plot thickens!

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A crop circle is a wondrous thing that I would love to see! This is a fascinating mystery. As far as I've been able to discover, only a few are hoaxes. The designs are so perfect and geometric they could only have been done on a computer - if they are done by humans. Let's think about how you would plan and execute such a project.


First, you'd have to have an image. There are many computer programs that are capable of rendering designs such as these. That's the easy part. So you print it out, and now your crop circle exists on a sheet of plain white paper. What next?


You must pick a location. It must be a field, obviously, and it must be suitably private for you and your crew to create the design on a large scale. How do you blow up the design? The same way an artist squares up a sketch for transferrence to a large canvas. Dividing your drawing into, say, one-inch squares, you must mark off your canvas - or field - into correspondingly bigger squares, say three-foot ones or larger. Then, having given each square a numeric designation, you simply copy each individual square onto the larger surface. When you're done, you have a giant version of your drawing. To do this, you must accurately measure off the field. You'd have to stretch ropes or lines across the field to designate the squares. Then begins the work of copying. Next, the wheat or maize must be trod down to create the design. It must be done in such a way that the stalks are bent, not broken, and all in the same direction. It's a big job - conceivably possible, but..... 

Did I mention you must carry out all this work in a single night? Typically it takes me hours to square up a small drawing. I believe it would take days to do a field. Imagine taking a drawing and copying it onto the side of a building for a huge mural. The logistics would be similar.

Having finished your crop circle and mystified everyone (you must also wade into the sea of grain with whatever equipment you require, do your work and leave without leaving footprints), you are now ready to do it again. And again. A new location and a new design each time. Can you even imagine someone doing all that in their spare time, simply as a joke?

Let's think about something else. So far I've extrapolated how crop circles might be formed by people, using methods I'm familiar with. It's a good approach, except that it doesn't solve the problem. This is how we speculate about how the Pyramid was built, or perhaps Baalbek. We assume that huge gangs of men must have used their muscles, because that is the only way we can imagine these structures being built. Plainly we are missing some crucial bit of knowledge.

In our guerrilla-artist scenario, it isn't hard to see that the proposition approaches impossibility from the logistical standpoint. But, as in the case of Pyramid-building, what if there is some technology we're not aware of? I'm talking about human technology, not alien. The only way I can imagine designing some of these perfect images is with a computer. Already the mystery is going high-tech. Could there be - could some person or agency have invented - some kind of force field, maybe a machine of some kind, that could produce these designs? If so it is based on technology I have never heard of. But then, so is HAARP.

Is it possible for a group of people direct their psychic powers to the creation of crop circles? This sounds more plausible to me than some kind of machine. Again, you'd have to begin with some kind of image - and then I can only imagine this group coming together (physically or by telepathy) and by combining the power of their minds to create the circle. No matter how they are made, what's the point? Why would a guerrilla artist, a group of psychics, or aliens pepper our fields with these strange and beautiful designs? Like George deMerles's artwork, they are not permanent and will only last a few weeks or at most, a season. I'm reminded of Voyager, the craft we sent out into the Universe decades ago. It carried a plaque with geometric designs intended to communicate to other species who we are, what we look like and where we may be found. Some crop circles look to me as if they contain deep symbolism. Mathematical thoughts are expressed, which are beyond my ability to compute.

In addition to the mystery of how they are created, there's an even more important question about crop circles: What do they mean?



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I just love crop circles ~ I think they are stunning and magnificent! Thanks so much, Bodhi, Ursula, and Dave for sharing these fascinaing photos with us!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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Nice pics Dave!


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