Just for fun

Hi, all.  

Mary (Call me Mary) and I put our heads together and came up with an idea to get people talking.  We'd love to hear what everyone is thinking on a multitude of different topics, so we thought it would be fun to do a "question of the week" post.  We'll try to make them provocative and meaningful.  If you have suggestions for questions, send em over - or post them yourselves. :)

Quiz !

Dear Friends,

I do not mind admitting, I got a failing grade on this, but I had the fun of trying and came away just a little better informed. Just relax, enjoy and try your luck on these very basic questions.

Carl Azcar

Giving Myself Advice From The Future

I just had an interesting experience happen to me last Sunday. I was at the Sweat You Prayers Five Rhythms dance, and towards the end of it when the music got to be soft and deep I had a flash of myself from the far future. I was seeing myself being over 80 years old, long grey hair, being in a very sunny place laughing and full of joy.

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