Kryon on Quantum Healing


I thought this was fascinating and certainly something to contemplate.  Those of you who know Kryon have probably read it already, but I think there are some who are new to Kryon information.


Love and Light,


Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 26, 2008
"Quantum Healing"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 26, 2008

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. This particlular channelling was greatly altered and improved in clarity by the re-channel process. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Vancouver about explaining the "unexplainable."

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There would be those who would say this is inappropriate - you cannot have a Human Being sitting in front of an audience pretending to channel! It's just not appropriate. Then there are those who would say this is exactly what it appears to be. The difference is this: Some of you have developed an interdimensional discernment sensor, one that is going to be developed even more in this age, and some have not. Your discernment sensor knows if these things are true or not.

So I say to those who can see, look at the colors right now. Look at the colors on the stage! For I am Kryon. I peek through the veil, I arrive in three dimensions for you, and I am using the free choice of the Human Being before you to give you these words. I am using the free choice of the Humans in this place to hear them with discernment. I'm using the free choice of those later to tune into this with their free choice (the readers). All of that is with free choice. All of that is with a Human deciding to accept it or not. From the Human who sits on the stage to the one who listens, all of it is free choice. This is the way Spirit works, and it honors the Human Being.

I am Kryon, and I am aware of what you would call "the rules" here. The rules indicate that we would never present anything that was inappropriate for the energy of humanity. The rules are that we would never present ourselves to you in fear, anywhere. The rules are that we will tell the truth with integrity. The rules are that we would never say anything to manipulate any Human Being, but instead we would simply love them. So if anything was changed in their lives, it would be their hearts, with free choice. We're allowed to wash your feet. We're allowed to hold your hand. We're allowed to touch your shoulders and your heads, interdimensionally. And that means that if there are those here who wish not to feel anything, they won't. You see? That honors the Human Being's free choice. And that's the way it works, and always has.

Now, for those of you who have come for a message, for those of you who have come to feel this entourage we bring, I'll tell you, it is here! This is for you. A message that has not yet been given in this fashion is upon you. My partner [speaking to Lee], I've given you hints today of the subject and I've also given you hints of what it must be like trying to explain the unexplainable. So this is for my partner: Clear your head. Do not come too far within the veil, for you need to stay in three dimensions in order to present this information properly. For today you will be the teacher of the un-teachable as we start a process of teaching about the healing of the Human Being. Expect to also give this information to those overseas when you go there.

It is a new energy where you sit. Your very reality is shifting. What we have called "the jars of your spirituality" is changing. This is a metaphor for the collection of your past life spiritual learning experiences being poured into you today. It is the "discernment engine" that we so often speak of. Some of you will feel it before you leave this day and will say, "This was different. Oh, this channelling was different. Did you feel that?" some will say. "This is real, did you feel it?" They will do that because, indeed, it is different! I am Kryon today. I was Kryon yesterday. I will be Kryon tomorrow and the only difference from the past is the energy that you sit in is now allowing you to feel more. What has changed is you.

I want to take a moment and honor the sweetness of the moments here, for they're upon you. This specific message will never be spoken again in this exact form. Those who sit here with each other will never be in this specific assembly like this again, for it is unique. In no time in history will it repeat itself just like this. That's how unique it is. You might say that all things on the planet are that way. They have a unique stamp upon them, and you'd be right if you said that. Yet within this puzzle there is something that you don't understand: As unique as it seems, there is a whole body experience that is taking place here spiritually that is yours to experience any time you wish. It's hard to explain. As unique as you think it is in 3D, you can take this uniqueness out the door with you interdimensionally, and you can create it whenever you want. The energy that is here in this moment, the colors that you see, what you are feeling now as you realize it is, indeed, a message from the other side... and are all things that you can have again just like it is now. It is an epiphany that some of you may have today... that this experience is repeatable. All you have to do is sit down and create it again. That is the power of Spirit, and the power of God in you. What a sweet thing this is! Any moment in time can be experienced as many times as you wish. For as you touch the interdimensionality of your own source, you void the very timeline that creates "unique" things.

New Information About Healing

Now let me tell you about the Human and the Human body. I want to give you pieces and parts of information we have presented for some time, but never directly through channelling. I'm going to give you some indications of what you can do.

The Human body is interesting. It is a piece of biology that is you, but it often seems to be in the other room. What I mean by this is that there is no real communication between you and your system. It is not designed to communicate with you, except through pain. That's all. It is a one-dimensional aspect given to you early on so you would be able to survive - so you'd know if you were stepping on a hot coal, for instance. Or so you would know if something was hurting or poking you, in order to get away from it. Pain seems negative and always a challenge. It's one of your greatest gifts, however, since it keeps you out of trouble. It alerts you if something's wrong... and that's all you have as communication and it's one way. You can't talk back to it, or ask it questions.

Many of you have said, "That's just the way it is. What am I going to do? The body cannot speak. It cannot say anything." You're right about that if you look at it on the surface. In fact, this fact can actually work against you... no matter how enlightened you are. For instance, does it make sense to you that an enlightened body like you have, with the complexity that it has, would be silent in the face of a killer disease that is rampaging through it? Yet it happens every day. I speak now about the disease that kills more of you in North America than anywhere else - cancer. It's not a disease you "catch." It's something your body develops through irritation and unbalance. It is a runaway of growth, uncontrollable, that plows through your own system having its way. You could be sitting in the chair right now and have it raging through your body and not know it until the body decides to give you pain. Then, often, it's too late.

You might look at this whole Human body scenario and say, "What kind of a system is this? Is the body so dumb that it cannot even alert me to these important things that are going on in myself?" The answer is yes, if you measure this issue from a standpoint of what you have been taught... a very limited scope of view.

I'm here to tell you it is not that way at all. It never has been that way. You have always been able to go to certain levels in order to see what is happening inside, yet few do. It is the difference between accepting a three-dimensional historical idea or expanding your thinking to include something that many don't even believe in. For years, kinesiology has bridged that gap of communication, yet how many use it? It's an indictment of the law of logic, isn't it? Here is something that has been proven over time to be something that allows the body to speak to you directly, yet it has not been generally accepted by humanity? Why? Because it's out of the scope of what you have learned is possible. This, therefore, is the issue today.

Explaining the Unexplainable

I would not give you the next information if that were not so. The next information is hard, but here it comes, my partner [speaking to Lee]. I will now take you into the woo-woo - interdimensional healing, the unbelievable, the next step, the one that this new energy will support. You're going to start seeing unexplainable things. Oh, some will call them miracles. Some of the things I'm going to tell you right now will not be proven for a hundred years, because that's how long it's going to take for biologists somewhere to see the lineage and linkage of your family tree and what you did about it today. Oh, we're getting spooky now!

Number One - The Mechanism Involved

Every piece of DNA has a field around it. Every piece of DNA is next to another piece of DNA, and a field surrounds a field surrounds a field. In addition, it is all grouped, not strung out like in your diagrams. I'll tell you what that does. It creates a oneness of consciousness. Have you ever wondered why it is in the esoteric world that you can speak to your body as one, yet there are trillions of pieces of it?

Within the DNA is a spiritual component. In the DNA is a piece of God, a piece of home. In the DNA, there's a quantumness of reality. Within the DNA, as my partner stated, there is intelligent design. The field that is around DNA has been observed and proven by science to be interdimensional. One piece against the other against another creates an interlocking, overlapping interdimensional field that has one address to the universe... and your name on it.

What I am saying to you is that it is a whole body experience when you begin to speak to your body. You don't have to address your toe or your elbow. For you will address all of it at once because it's listening all at once. Think of it as one whole body experience because the DNA overlaps; the fields overlap, and those overlapping fields create a larger field that creates even a larger field. By the time you get trillions of them together, literally, that field is something you project with focus and it's called esoteric light. Meanwhile, it also serves for personal healing. It is ready to "listen to the boss." My partner touched on this attribute earlier. You don't really believe that you can speak to your cells. The truth is that you can, and they have always been listening. Think about that!

The fact is that you have total and complete communications in an interdimensional way with this massive DNA field. You are it, and it is you, but if you've never spoken to it, it will go its own way. Trillions of pieces of DNA are there, ready to hear you, yet you never even talked to them! You just hope they operate well and if they don't, you get pain.

As we have told you before, you have been born into a culture and system that carries all sensory attributes and spiritual enlightenment in the head, never understanding that every piece of the body is enlightened. Therefore, you walk around "in your head," hoping your toe works, hoping your kidney works, hoping your heart survives. You never think that you might be able to actually address these things, or change them. Yet they have been there waiting for you all your life! Now I call this, "your body listening to the boss," for DNA waits for you to speak to it through your own consciousness. There is an enlightened attribute in your DNA... you would call it your Higher-Self, perhaps.

Whatever you want to call it, it's addressing the cellular structure all at once and beginning to change it. This is where it gets complicated. "OK, Kryon, how do you do it? What happens when you do it? How do you become interdimensional? I'm in 3D." These are all of the big issues and this is the unexplainable part.

In this group here today, there are those who are on the edge of consciousness [meaning not paying attention]. I'm going to invite those to come back to awareness for a puzzle. This is teaching in a way that is not necessarily the way it has been before, for there's a new energy present. Here is what my partner is required to do: He is going to give a metaphor in three dimensions, which actually explains a multi-dimensional effect. It's simplistic in its delivery and complex in its understanding. You must understand this metaphor. You must understand the paradox of time involved for you to move past this point, speak to yourselves, and make anything happen. This must be at least recognized, studied, and assumed to be correct, and there are two parts to it.

Part One: Visualize with me something simplistic. See it in your mind to understand it. There is a train. The train is you. It is on a track, which is your time frame in 3D. In your perception, this train moves along a track at a constant speed and the track is straight as an arrow. The speed is your clock, and it never changes. You can see the track in front of you disappear into the distance. It is in front of the train, represented as your future. In back of the train is represented as your past. The train is very, very short, only a few cars. You are the train... the head, the torso, and the legs and arms. The train moves slowly at a constant pace called your reality. That's your 3D reality.

Visualize this train moving in your reality, but know that from my standpoint, your true interdimensional train is not what you see. For when I look at you, the same train, I see a train in a very, very small circle. The circle is so small that it's only a bit larger than the train itself. Therefore, the Kryon description of your train is one that is traveling in a very small circle. Now get this very clear: What you see and what I see are actually the same things, but the idea here is to help you understand the limitation of your perception, so you can get an idea of the truth of how things work. For what I'm going to show and tell you in the next stage and what I'm going to show my partner is going to help you understand the un-understandable. It's going to help you to fit in to what I'm going to teach you in the next three points after I show you this.

Let us say that you are going to speak to your cells every day for the rest of your life, and you are going to do something to change them (a healing, for instance). Let us say that as you do this, it represents the metaphor of painting the track as it moves under you while you're on your train. Let's say the color is going to be red, because that sticks out for this example. Here you are speaking to your cells, and you're making a change in your biology. You are marking when that change took place by painting the track red. You have the paint on board, and you are able to paint the track a bright red as you move forward.

Now, picture this in 3D, for it's important for you to see this in your mind. You are starting to paint the track red, which is a change in your cells, because you are a powerful person who is in touch with your own cellular structure (the potential for all of you). In your three dimensions, as the train moves along, you can look back and see where you started to paint the track red and that red section disappears behind you. You can also look ahead and you'll see that the track is not yet red, but it will be when you get there to paint it, for in your mind you are continuing to paint all your life. Because of your time, you're painting a red segment of the track that keeps getting longer and longer as you age. This is your 3D perception of painting the track red in your time frame.

Now come to my side for a moment. Oh, I don't know if you're going to get this or not, but this is beautiful! What I'm going to tell you is beautiful! Oh, it's just a simple train and a red track, but listen: From my perspective in that tiny little circle you've started painting, the entire track became red almost instantly. In about a minute, the whole thing became red forever! It's red in front of you and in back of you as far as you can see, because interdimensionally, it's in a small circle. That's the interdimensional perception... and if you haven't figured it out yet, your cells and DNA are interdimensional. So it's your linear perception that keeps you thinking that the very long track ahead needs to be painted every day, and it's only your limited view that keeps you from the truth that what you do with pure intent is forever. The track can't be unpainted... ever! The track is now completely and totally red. As profound as this is from a healing standpoint, it's going to get even better and more complex in a moment.

Part Two: Continue your 3D visualization. There you are painting the track. You are going to create an object and drop it off the train. Perhaps it's manifestation of something you have asked for. It's an object for the sake of this visualization, and you created it as you moved along the track, and dropped it to the side. Maybe it's an epiphany. Maybe it is co-creation.

After you dropped it off, you of course moved past it, since your train is always in motion. Therefore, in your perception you can say, "That's what I did and there it goes in the distance behind me... my past." You have a date and time of remembrance, because it's now in your past that this was done.

But something is happening that is a puzzle: Interestingly enough, as you move along the track, here comes that object again! So you interpret this in your own way as a sign from God that is saying, "You must do it again." So you recommit yourself and you redo whatever it was you did to create the object yet again.

"There it goes!" you say, and you feel that you have accomplished a renewal of your manifestation, or your self-healing, or your requests to God. A little while longer, here it comes again! You interpret this as signs of "keeping the jar full." In three dimensions you are used to filling a jar little by little, hoping there are no leaks, planning for time to wear something down. It's very three dimensional, so you repeat things. You go at it again and again. "Here it comes, let's do it again. It feels good to keep the jar full. Let's do it again."

Let me tell you what the truth is: The reality is that you exist in an interdimensional world, and even your science now admits it. However, you continue to perceive everything on a straight timeline, which ages you and naturally pushes you to constantly renew things. However, what is really happening spiritually, and with your cells, is that you create whatever it is we're talking about in a very tiny circle. Once you do it, the entire circle is affected forever. It never needs to be renewed since you were finished with the manifestation as soon as you did it... forever!

Here is the hard part. If you have been staying with me... if your track is a circle, then you constantly travel the same space. That means as you look behind you, it was once your future! As you look in front of you, it was once your past. A circle is like that. If this is so, I have a question: Can you then change your past by doing something that affects the track that is under you now? Stay with me.

Listen. Using this visualization and the paradox of time, I'll now give you three attributes of interdimensional healing, going from easy to more difficult to unbelievable.

Easy: The easiest thing you can do, but using an interdimensional scheme, is youthing. Youthing is our word, given to my partner as a meaning for slowing down the body clock. Your body is in a 3D time frame. It was designed to be. It moves with the cycles of the earth, the solar system and the moon... and you know that. It's able to count years. It reproduces itself (cells duplicating) using a body clock that is locked into the environment that you are in, and this will remain so until you change the clock.

Changing the clock is impossible in your reality, for it always goes the same speed. However, what if you changed your cells' reaction to the clock? In other words, what if you changed the "clock within"? You can. You can create a situation where the cells are instructed to slow down their aging. In addition (get ready), you can actually visualize a track when they were young, and tell DNA, through visualization, to emulate that!

Interdimensionally, you're going to present to your body a visualization of a time when you were younger. It doesn't matter what age, but what you are doing is presenting the body with a puzzle. Go backwards. Go to before the telomeres unraveled and reproduced a trillion times. Go backwards. Is this possible? It is. What this does is to put you into a situation where the clock no longer ticks at the same time frame for your cells.

Stay with me! Let's say you're still on the train. When you're going to start youthing, you start visualizing it, creating an object of manifestation of your own power that you have dropped by the track... you're going to start painting the track red with a consciousness of slowing down the body clock. In 3D, you are going to look backwards and say, "This is the point at which I started youthing." But there's something wrong with that perspective: it's the paradox of the clock, is it not? Because if you're going to go backwards - that is, if you're actually going to slow the body clock - then the track has to be red behind you! Don't fret about this concept... just laugh about how it must work.

In an interdimensional state, the track is completely red and your body has done something to the track circle that to you is a miracle. It has the ability to revert its DNA to a time before you even caught a disease, or had the pains of aging. "That sounds like healing, Kryon!" Ah, yes, that's the next one. But understand this: You are doing things outside of three dimensions or even the possibility of seeing it in three dimensions.

Youthing is taking cellular structure back in time and placing it upon a body that appears to be older than it is. Now what happens is this: You slow the aging process. That's what happens. Oh, it doesn't revert. You don't suddenly become young. Instead, you slow the aging. This is you, talking to the body, taking over from a system that was a default one when you were born... waiting for "the boss" to change it! Understand? Your body has had only one input for "time," and it was the solar system (the moon). Ever think about that? Suddenly, you're in charge of tempering that clock.

You doubt this, don't you? You don't think it's possible, do you? As you read this or hear it, you space out. "Too weird, Kryon. Move to something I can do." I told you that it's about acceptance and changing your reality. Remember I said that there are three interdimensional areas I wish to speak of? This one was easy. If you had trouble with this one, then you better not read the rest.

You see, 3D shouts, but the interdimensional things that come from the love of God whisper. If you're going to hear the whispering, you're going to have to take the shouting away. You're going to have to disassemble your very training in 3D and suspend the way you learned about everything from the moment you were born. Hard.

"All right, Kryon. How do we do it? How? You've said, you've given us a train, you've given us a track, you've given us the red paint, and you've told us what? To paint a track? How do I do it? How do I transpose this metaphor into my reality?"

This is the thing: Human Beings doubt what goes against what they perceive. Who told you that your perception was king? Did anyone ever tell you that perception is just the way you happen to view things? It does not always represent truth. When you were first told about germs, those invisible organisms that are so important to your health, your entire medical community howled in laughter. Invisible things around you? They doubted because of their perception. Was that truth, or just where they were in consciousness at the moment?

Pure intent is the answer. Consciousness changes reality! It is gold to Spirit, yet it's invisible to you. You cannot fake pure intent. It is the intent when you're on your knees. It is the intent when you're in trouble. It is the intent when you say, "I'll do anything! Get me out of this." That's strong. But know this: you don't have to be in challenge for pure intent. You can generate pure intent with your heart, with your emotions, where you're ready to begin and say, "I am now ready, and doing it."

"Kryon, how often do I have to do it?" OK, 3D Human, how many times do you want to see it go by on your track? [Laugher] The answer is once! Not good enough for you? "Well, I can't understand that, so I'll redo it anyway. I'll do it often. I'll do it every day." Fine. It won't hurt anything, but it might slowly take up all your time! Repetition is not the key. It never was. The more interdimensional you are, the more you will understand. Pure intent. One time. That's all it takes. If it doesn't feel right, go ahead and do it again. It won't hurt anything. That's the easy one.

More Difficult: This is healing - the curing of a disease in your body to such an extent that it will never come back. Ever. You live in an allopathic medical world. It's in three dimensions and works on a timeline. If something is wrong, you correct it. You put a Band-aid on it. If something is wrong, you provide chemistry that changes the cells so that the problem balances. It's all about cause and effect. It's quite understandable that you would do this, and there is no judgment upon it.

However, in this new energy, you can now begin to do interdimensional healing. I'll give this information to you, but it's difficult. You have to be so tuned in, and slightly out of 3D. Listen, let's say that cancer is in your body. It's a metaphor and a visualization for example only. This will not bring cancer to yourself, for you are in a consciousness of spiritual learning, and light is here. Let us say you're wishing to heal this disease within you. You think, there's a time when you've caught the disease; there's a time when it got worse; there's a time when the body told you it was there. Your brain has it on a very straight track. You're in 3D. Now we come along and say you can heal it with interdimensional pure intent.

"Pure intent? It can't be that easy, Kryon. Pure intent? No. You've got to do things about it. You have to go through a medical protocol." Indeed! You may! Did Kryon ever tell you not to? Perhaps a total healing would be for you to do both 3D and interdimensional healing? What if what I'm telling you could speed up your allopathic healing by 50 percent or more? Who told you it was one or the other? Humans like to place boxes of thought around everything they do.

I want to show you something. I want you to go someplace with me. Are you aware that absolutely every spiritual property on the planet has you being changed with pure intent? Every religion on the planet gives you the ability to be converted literally within minutes. Ask them. The religion you were born in is one [Christianity]. You can have a full, instant conversion. You can turn around everything completely if you say "yes" to God. If you wish, you could do it with Islam, too. You can take the prophet's name and find the love and grandness of God within it. Ask them; the experience is profound, and it works around your decision to say "yes" and commit.

Then the 3D work begins, doesn't it? In some religions, you must do other things as well. You climb stairs, go to school, pray a certain way, wear costumes. But it all starts with one decision that has an instant affect on you. In one of your religions, as a woman you can marry Christ. One decision, one ceremony, and everything changes for life. So why is it that it's good enough for that, but not the holy temple of your own body? Think about it. Pure intent has always been the answer, and the divinity within your cells are waiting for commitment.

Visualize: You have a disease. Now you're going to eliminate it. In an interdimensional state of pure intent, what you see [visualize] is your cellular structure reverting to a time before the disease ever happened! Understand? Think out of the box of 3D. You're doing the same thing you did with youthing [easy], except now you've got 3D proof. It's either there or it's not there. That's going to make it even harder, because now you're worrying whether you've done it or whether you haven't done it. You're concerned about whether it's going to come back. Indeed, often profound and hand-wringing concern shows you that pure intent was never given.

Oh dear Human, I want to tell you that true, pure intent will start painting that track. It's going to take you back before you got the disease, before anything happened. It is literally rewinding that clock. That means to your cells that you never had a problem! I told you this wouldn't be easy. Again, it's the paradox of time. You will always remember the day when you cured yourself and the disease you had never comes back. We know it won't because you never had it! Do you understand the power of the healing of the Human Being? Do you understand what is possible here, taking you back to a consciousness before any of these things happened, before it ever invaded your body with the inappropriateness of it?

Now it gets difficult, because you're dealing with real-world proof and an allopathic system of testing an interdimensional healing. They're going to tell you the facts; they're going to tell you the percentages of those who do and do not have remission - all of the words of the allopath. Let them! And celebrate the results of their diagnostics! You're not going to get it again; it's not going to come back; it can't, because you didn't put a Band-aid on it. You never had it. The whole track is red. That's hard, dear Human.

Blessed is the one who knows this to be true, for there are many. The miracles you have read about in your spiritual history were never in question. The diseases never came back. The reason? They were just like the ones we have just described to you. The difference? The Master inside did it, instead of a master outside.

And the next one? Unbelievable. We hinted at this two years ago, and now we'll expose it.

My partner [Kryon is speaking to Lee], this is the hardest thing you've ever done. I'll paint you a picture here. It doesn't mean that you will give it perfectly, since you have the same 3D perspective as all the rest. But here it is, presented in the best way we can.

There is an incredible complexity in what you would call the system of the way things work. Within this system, there exists all of the potentials of every single Human Being on the planet. There are systems within the systems that you have called karmic groups. The karmic group is a group that comes in and interacts with others in a certain way. It is not predestined, but predisposed. That is, it is based on potentials and not some 3D timeline that is unchangeable. It's an old system and it has been with you forever. It puts you with other Human Beings in order to create energies that manifest themselves in order to solve energies, in order to start energies. It is one of the things we talked about that, with free choice, you are able to disassemble and void if you choose [Kryon Book One]. But you come in that way [are born that way].

When you come in, there is also a complexity within your biology because part of spiritual karma also has to do with genealogy... the physical DNA chemistry. Now what I'm getting at is this: there are predispositions built into your genes [DNA created] that are weaknesses and propensities for disease. It is totally and completely karmic. A mother who has the disease often had a mother who had the same disease. This woman looks at her children, knowing that they may get the same disease, and their children and their children and their children. You call this a predisposed genetic flaw. It creates a lineage of death, difficulty, challenge, sadness and sorrow.

What I am about to tell you is this: You sit here in an energy that is like magic with pure intent. Listen to me. If you have a genetic predisposition, and you are about to heal yourself of a major disease, listen to the way the system handles it. The genetic flaw that created the issue in the past with all your relatives will disappear within you. However, also the genetic flaw that created all this, and may continue to create it within your existing children, will also go away. Your DNA will change, and spiritually it will be echoed within the predispositions of your children. The cycle will end with you.

This yells at the logic of everything you've ever been taught. "Where is the free will of my children if I change it?" you might say. It isn't that way. You have to understand karmic energy; you have to understand the family group; you have to understand why you're here; you have to understand so much more than you begin to. The action of the one can change the karmic attributes of the many. It's about how light can be created by one, yet light up an entire room of people. It's not about healing the children. It's about changing their karmic disposition. What you do with your own DNA sends a signal to theirs. You are all connected. Don't pay attention to the rules you think you know. Listen.

There is no such thing as a past life. It is a parallel, existing life on a track that you have just painted red with the color of karmic and genetic change. When you do that, the whole karmic group that you can see as concentric circles around you also has a red track when it comes to that gene. Odd as it may sound, you are able to stop the karmic progression of the next generation and the next generation by what you do now. If you have existing children, they will drop the predisposition.

Within your DNA, we have taught you that there are interdimensional aspects. One of them is your own Akashic Record, and the interaction of the current group around you. This is what shifts. Does it make a difference in the DNA? Can you see it? Will you be able to actually chemically see this? And the answer is yes. That's power. That's the unbelievable part. When science can measure genetic predisposition, they will see it.

"Now Kryon, I don't understand this. You just said something that doesn't make any sense at all. You said that it would change the past. I have relatives who have died. What, are they going to awaken now? How can you change the past by what you do today?" Get out of your 3D cycle for a moment. Look at what Spirit sees. Spirit doesn't see you being born and then dying, and then being born and then dying. Spirit sees you all the time as an angelic being, a piece of God. Spirit sees the same core soul, the same Higher-Self for all your lives. It's the same one no matter who you are on this planet! Ever think of that? Spirit sees the magnificent one who can, with pure intent, change the very fabric of an entire karmic group. Your children will have no idea what you did, but long after you are gone, having lived a normal life, they will also live ones of a disease-free potential, and the future of your family will have changed forever. Now think, what might they do? What might have happened if all the women had died early? If you are getting this, then you realize the impact of what you do today. Who knows? Future presidents and world leaders may come from this who would never have been born otherwise. As far as your past dead relatives awakening, they will. And they are your future great grandchildren of tomorrow, disease free.

My partner has done his best to give you everything that I had wanted him to give. It's the paradox of the clock—not understandable in three dimensions—and I tell you, dear Human Being, it's about time you got over your 3D-ness and started working with these tools and celebrate the fact they work. Don't figure them out. In the future, there'll be those who will be able to explain all this better than my partner has. There'll be those who will put it in books, because it's time. The energy will continue to support this and they will have the physical proof of it within themselves and their children, and their fear levels will be reduced because of it.

Blessed is the Human Being who takes this message to heart and believes it, for it is the way of it and it will be seen, all in time. It will be known as truth and accepted as truth, long after my partner is gone. So remember this day, when I opened the door to tell you that these things are possible.

So it is time to depart. Yet I don't want to go. I told my partner years ago that as he sits here and does this, it stops his body clock. For he has one foot on the other side of the veil where there's no time. That's when he said to me, "Let's just always be in channel." [Laughter]

And so it is.


ChrisBowers's picture

and as good as that pizza was, this little slice of desert was divine!!!!!

so many portions I wanted to cut and paste, but I will limit to this one,

"You see, 3D shouts, but the interdimensional things that come from
the love of God whisper. If you're going to hear the whispering, you're
going to have to take the shouting away. You're going to have to
disassemble your very training in 3D and suspend the way you learned
about everything from the moment you were born. Hard.(maybe not!!!)

"All right, Kryon. How do we do it? How? You've said, you've
given us a train, you've given us a track, you've given us the red
paint, and you've told us what? To paint a track? How do I do it? How
do I transpose this metaphor into my reality?"

This is the thing: Human Beings doubt what goes against what they
perceive. Who told you that your perception was king?
Did anyone ever
tell you that perception is just the way you happen to view things? It
does not always represent truth
. When you were first told about germs,
those invisible organisms that are so important to your health, your
entire medical community howled in laughter. Invisible things around
you? They doubted because of their perception. Was that truth, or just
where they were in consciousness at the moment?

Pure intent is the answer. Consciousness changes reality! It is gold to Spirit, yet it's invisible to you. You cannot fake pure intent. It
is the intent when you're on your knees. It is the intent when you're
in trouble. It is the intent when you say, "I'll do anything! Get me out of this." That's strong. But know this: you don't have to be in challenge for
pure intent. You can generate pure intent with your heart, with your
emotions, where you're ready
to begin and say, "I am now ready, and doing it."

Thank you Berry!!!! I will make a PDF of it and link it here so anyone can download to their library...

Loving and Living as if "One" mattered, Chris

Thank you Chris for the pdf file that I have saved for my friends that thought I'd suffered brain injury after an accident last summer. I believe I mentioned this in another post somewhere. 

Galloping through the woods on my big horse my foot struck a tree and snapped it at the ankle.  We stopped and I was so scared that my foot was no longer attached solidly at the ankle that my panic took me into a place where linear time rushed past. I put my foot back in the stirrup and rode for another hour to get back to the ranch. I had some soreness and edema that resolved itself in a week.  I "knew" that it was broken before that shift in time and I had no way of "legitimately" explaining this to my community.

With gratitude I send this to my skeptical friends,


maryc's picture

And Trica and Chris for your comments.We KNOW this is true, just don't KNOW why we know. We are able to sicken ourselves, makes total sense that it works the other way too! Thanks for the reminder. Love,Mary

UrsulaD's picture

This is great. Thanks Berry and thanks for the very valid comments.

I have always know this to be so, just have not quite found the trigger inside myself to make it so. This will give me lots of food for thought and study. Thanks for the Pdf file, Chris!



ChrisBowers's picture

Ya know what's really cool Mary????

In our most lucid state of being,

We stop asking why anything is true!!!!!!!



Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" mattered,  Chris

boliviana's picture

I loved this!  The first sentence captured my attention since I consider myself a magnetic being, too!  The whole piece has given me much to "chew" and "digest" with my mind, but the truth of it reverberates solidly through my heart.  I'm going to be smiling all day...

Pax, Lux, Agape- Deb

ChrisBowers's picture

Love, Chris

maryc's picture

Dear Ones,

This is such helpful information. We have such power to heal. Thank you Berry for posting, and Chris for the files. Love,Mary

ChrisBowers's picture

This forum is definitely one of my all time favs!

Berry is now responsible for so many of my favorites that I would have to dub him a metaphysical/philosophical Santa Claus.  Christmas comes around more than once a year in this community!!!!!

Love, Chris

dwells's picture

Thanks so much Berry, I came across Kryon several years ago but haven't read for a long time (in linear terms, that is!).  This message is so full of hope and I could feel the shimmering light around me as I read and did the visualization.



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