UFO. The Greatest Story Ever Denied

This is the most extraordinary video which I have seen regarding the cover up of UFOs and Extraterrestial by the US Coverumup.   I believe it is a must see. It's an hour and a half long so find a time to watch it if you can.







I downloaded it to return to it a few times!

Thank you Berry,


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Thanks Berry for alerting us to this documentary. With such a professionally created work as this, it is hard to belive that many find this informtion so hard to accept. We do have a right to know and we should be demanding that congress hold hearings and bring this denial into the light.


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Thanks for this one Berry; I just posted the video itself on the TT site.

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Hey, thanks a million John.  I am still not adept at such things.


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Oh yeah, tons of fun! I don't know if the more "Sceptical" folks would watch, but I know I enjoyed it thoroughly :D


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