Michael Schratt talks about man-made ufos

This is a long presentation of the various advanced, black project aircraft. I wasn't all that interested in the nuts and bolts of the presentation but at the end of the presentation Michael is questioned by someone about his general knowledge and feelings about what's up. I'm just posting that part of the presentation. This starts at part 17 of 24. Hopefully you can find the rest of the interview in Youtube as you go along.


Insider Testimony of Alien Bases

This is a compilation of 20 years of interviews with a variety of professionals and laypersons who claim to have first hand knowledge of what the NSA and other alphabet agencies are secretly doing at military bases.  The 45 videos keep rolling one after the other, so if you reach a dud, you can move to another more interesting one.

Disney's Alien Encounters

I've watched a lot of TV programs that promise to reveal the truth about UFOs, but this one does so in such a way as to compel the viewer to believe what is presented is not conjecture.  It's obviously meant to  promote the Disney's attraction, "Alien Encounters", but I think Disney may have revealed too much truth for the Controllers' comfort. ~ Noa


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