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Hi All,

Thinking about the Indigo children and their connection on the "Web" as talked about in the movie "Indigo"... I'd like to suggest an experiement!

Go out and find a tree you really love and just sit with it for a while... really notice and appreciate it as a beautiful and alive being and notice any energetic interaction you have with this being, one of the Standing People, as the Native Americans call them.

When you've had that experience, please come back to this thread and share what you experienced.  I'll wait and share mine after hearing some others!

In the spirit of fun, adventure and love,


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I will post again after I do the experiment (could feel the energy of a tree that came to mind the minute I read the inspirational idea!!!!), but I just had to post these links on Dr. William Tiller first, the person that came rushing into my mind the minute I read the title of this forum!  I was introduced to his wonderful mind by the interviews on the back of the DVD disks of "Down the Rabbit Hole" by What the Bleep.

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I go on a run for an hour once a week in a very large park in the hills not far from my home. There are several trees there that I regularly sit and meditate with. I have received some incredibly profound messages from them.

Probably the most powerful message came when one of the trees showed me how all of life can be seen like one brilliant , pulsing star surrounded by an immensity of shimmering lights. Each individual in the universe is one of these shimmering lights, appearing like a piece of glitter around the star. Each of these glitter beings chooses on some level how close or far they are from the center of the star.

As most glitter is somewhat flattened or even coin-like in shape, each being can also choose how it aligns itself with the star. If the glitter being turns its flat flace toward the star, the energy emanating from the core pushes the glitter farther away to explore separation. If the glitter turns so that its long axis is perfectly aligned with the star, it slides rapidly past the emanations back towards the star and union with the core. Of course most pieces are somewhere between those two extremes as they explore the spaces and other glitter beings around the brilliant star.

Using this image as an allegory, each of us gets to choose how we align ourselves with this universal core and thus how much we explore separation and union with All That Is.

What an amazing, profound message to get from this wise tree-being! I am deeply grateful for this and the many other powerful messages my tree friends have shared with me. Thanks for asking Niara. I'd love to hear your story, too!

With much love and joy,

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I can see all of the dancing by the spinning of the "coins" making them move toward and away from in a magical dance of shimmering light reflecting the source. That so full on resonates with me!  It is like a song that gets stuck in my head, only this is so much better!!!!

Thank You

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Chris, thanks so much for sharing about William Tiller!  We have so many wonderful pioneers out in the world today to make spiritual sense of what those of us who have "known" that that something more is out there and at work in co-creation with us!  Was he one of the scientists on "What the Bleep Do We Know?"  He looks familiar in that way.  I saw that film at the theater 8 times, and now own it!

And Fred, thanks for sharing your incredible story!  And it sounds very much like something I experienced in another way years ago... an incredible opening to Divine, Infinite Love-- in a college spanish class of all places!  I couldn't focus on class at all during that opening, and tears of joy just poured down my face, which I kept bent down over my book not wanting anyone to interrupt the experience by asking me why I was crying.  I don't know why it happened at that time and place-- it was like being struck by divine lightning and being completely unprepared, but I'll always remember it and be grateful for it.

My own experience with trees is a bit more simple but still very powerful.  I remember looking at trees in on the campus of CA State Univ. Sacramento when I was attending there to get my BA in Social Work.  I noticed how many people walked by them without noticing or acknowledging that they were even alive.  So I would spend special time and attention to send my loving acknowledgement and awareness to the tree as a living beautiful being.  I got deep gratitude back.  I felt the tree I was in energetic communication with extend it's energy field out to encompass me and hold me lovingly in it's field.  After that I almost always notice trees and plants and feel this loving energy field interaction with them, like they reach out to caress me when I walk past.

It is this kind of opening to our feelings and communication with non-humans that will sharpen our senses and help us learn to trust more and more our feeling senses.  I think this is essential to raising our vibrations and creating the common energetic ground on which we will someday soon have open contact with ETs.  Sometimes even now I feel like I have one foot in 3D and the other beginning to touch and feel into 4D.  And I believe we must heal our collective human shadow.  I think the ETs see us as a collective, not as a group of individuals in many respects.  So if one part of us operates a secret dark government, they see it as part of our collective human psyche.  We need to reach a critical mass of awake and aware individuals, those individuals becoming the still small voice of the human collective to help the whole awaken... and I think it must be happening, because I believe first open contact is closer and closer all the time.

Your story also made me remember a couple of short stories from the short story collections of the Annual World's Best Science Fiction, years 1984 and 1988.  Both these stories are by Don Sakers-- the first is called "The Leaves of October" and the second, a sequel, is called "All Fall Down".  They are about a special race of trees on a distant world that have the ability to hear the Universal Song of all life and are in communication with life all across the universe.  When they encounter humans, they seek first to understand them then are revolted by their lack of respect for each other and hold a council on what to do about them, because they have the power to do away with them if they choose.  Very, very moving stories about the love and understanding of one species for another entirely different from it's own.  I suppose the books might be available used at Amazon.

Let's keep sharing these adventures in feeling and honing our biotechnology.  What if something happened to the internet?  How wonderful if we developed the feeling senses to stay in full connection with each other regardless.  I don't believe there is anything technology can do that we cannot do with our own incredible biological technology.  We just need to practice.

Much Love,


"Love is all there is."

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Yes, Niara! Externally there is the Internet which has helped us to have concrete connections in black and white using this portal. Yet internally there is the Innernet where we are already connected and communicating on levels that go far beyond the black and white contrasts on this computer screen. Those who open fully to the Innernet are already operating in the fourth dimension. I am opening more and more to this and just loving the shift. I'm sending both you and Chris and anyone reading this some powerful love communications through the Innernet right now. Yum!!! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

With lots of love and joy,


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Here is an experience that I had in the late '80's that became part of a story I wrote.

I was not just one tree in my participation, but I was aware of the condition of all trees. I sensed that a matrix connected all these ancient beings, where the effect of change to one tree was communicated to all trees covering the entire sphere of Earth.

Then if a fire consumed trees in one hemisphere of the planet, it would be subtly recorded in all other trees in another hemisphere.  It was a knowing among all trees.  It was a certain vibratory pattern common to all trees that had the capacity to register changes within the energy pattern itself and all trees participate within this field that spans the globe.


In the unity of diversity,


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Thank you so much for your sharings... Fred, Bear, Tricia!

I love the term you use Fred-- the Innernet.  I may start another forum thread for us to explore fourth dimensional experiences we are having.  This was a big part of my discussion with a friend this morning over breakfast.  I have things I call "Cosmic nanoseconds" where I feel myself moving in 3D reality and simultaneously feel myself observing myself in 3D from a no-time, no space realm.  Sometimes 3D reality seems very surreal and like it could evaporate any second.  I get a stronger and stronger sense of living some parallel life in a different dimension where time is perceived very differently from here... and get a sense of the part of my consciousness that's been operating in this 3D life, all my life here, is connected to a part that operates in a whole different sphere, or octave of vibration.  Sometimes, if I go quiet and focus, I almost feel I can reach out and touch that other realm.  And the more I process through my fears, the more my body is alive to all kinds of energetic vibration and information coming in that I can't yet consciously interpret.  What a wonderful and fascinating time to be alive!

Bear, your story of connection with Trees is totally and wonderfully moving.  Puts me even more in mind of the Don Sakers short stories I mentioned before.  These very conscious 'fictional' trees are a people who consider themselves guardians of all life, and call themselves the Hlutr.  I must see if there is a way to share those stories here, and I'll check on it.

Tricia, your sharing resonates deeply with me too, and puts me in mind of the huge aspen groves we have here in southwestern Colorado that are actually one huge living entity.  They show us in physicality as trees what you speak of about trees energetically.

In 2002, we had terrible forest fires here that burned millions of acres of trees.  I remember my connection with trees then too.  On on level, they were accepting of what was happening, on another level, I could feel them unable to move out of harm's way and the... well, fear is not the right word, but I felt something deep and filled with pain and grief, both from myself for what was happening and from the trees themselves.  A difficult time for sure.  I sort of don't like mentioning it here when so many have shared such magical experiences of light.  But perhaps this has it's place here too as we remember the cost humanity often enacts on the other living beings we share this planet with.

Breathing Love,


"Love is all there is."

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I have always felt a great connection to trees and forests. My birthtown in Germany was surrounded by forests and as we lived only five minutes walk away from the edge of a forest, I spent my childhood roaming free, summer and winter. The forests were the thing I missed the most when we emigrated to South Africa. There are very few indigenous forests here. We have one, the Tsitsikamma National Park about 150 km towards Cape Town and that is a very mystical place with towering Yellowwoods, Stinkwoods and numerous other trees.

When we bought this property more than 30 years ago, the only trees were some pines along the boundary and some Australian bluegums. They are now absolutely enormous. The pines, unfortunately had to be cut down as they have a very shallow root system and a lifespan of not much more than 40 years. They were very close to the house and the prevaling winds blow towards the house. I spoke to the trees before the cutters moved in and explained the reaosn why they had to be removed. I left the ones which are away from the house and one huge one is home to a colony hadedas, the sacred ibis. Noisy, clumsy, gorgeous birds.

The first thing I did here - I have 4.5 acres of ground, was to plant trees. Without trees I would not feel at home. My mom was very good at collecting seeds, so the oaks, jacarandas, coral trees are all grown from seed. Then we bought about 20 indigenous trees and planted those and of course, I save all the avocado pear pips and have at least 10 avocado trees.

I have found that when I meditate with the trees, apart from sensing their energy, that steadfast, calm presence, I can also see their auras. There is a reddish/yellow layer which runs up and down the trunks and the branches and then a bright silver field of energy surrounding the trees and where trees are close to each other, this silver layer connects and intertwines and expands.

As most people here have open fields and there are quite a few horses in the area my property attracts birds. I have the most stunning birds feeding and nesting and warbling.

I am truly blessed.

Wonderful reading all your stories and thoughts on trees. The Standing People are amazing.

Love U

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Love all this Sacred testimony, affirmations of what is really happening everywhere, all the time, regardless of whether we are paying attention with appreciation.

A couple of quotes I really liked from Dennis' post,

"When you look within your heart, you will find that there is only
one of Us expressing life in so many wonderful ways. Our journey was
meant to be an enjoyable one – as only a memory of love can be"


"But a good beginning for you to reconnect with your Forest Family
is to stop at the entrance to each Wood and ask permission to enter"

What I really like about that second quote is how much the request would prepare us to be aware and listen with our hearts, giving our linear mindset a rest for a spell, and really be there for the wholistic experience that awaits us every time, whether we are looking or not.  What I have seen in plant life the most is an unconflicted display of appreciation, a reaching for the sky as if the plants and flowers were hugging the sun.

I love your idea about another forum on 4D exploration Niara!  You are definitely expressing experiences and feelings common to so many right now during this wonderful and very amazing time we all find ourselves in (this time 'round).  Oh, and concerning Dr. William Tiller, he is one of the many interviews on the back side of all three disks in the "quantum addition" of "Down the Rabbit Hole" by What the Bleep (do we know).

Unassailable Love, Chris

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--- Post removed at author's request ---

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So, who's a rod and who's a cone (cells that "see" in the eye)... just kidding.  But the wonderfully amazing thing I'm learning from this exchange is the variety of ways in which each of us sense the energy of the world around us.  Some are visual, some are auditory, some are kinesthetic, actually I think all of us share all of these ways of sensing/feeling, but maybe one way is more dominant than others for each one of us.

I've always wished I could see auras, and there have been moments where I think I have.  But my main feeling sense is kinesthetic... the cells of my body all like little antennas picking up vibrational information as sensation.  I feel it with trees and plants, with my spirit guides, with telepathic/telempathic communication with my parrot, Bodhi, and many other ways.  Vibrations move in, sweep in in a wave and, especially from my guides, or my bird, my body instantaneously translates this into language for the mind.  Such as Bodhi telling me recently he doesn't want to aimlessly play with toys, he wants and needs work!  I wasn't sure what work to give a parrot, but when I talked with another parrot-loving friend she suggested creating foraging toys that he has to work to get his food.  This has had a wonderful effect on him.  He loves working on the ways I devise to get his food or goodies out of the devices I create for this.  And I have a quieter life!  And my guides often respond to my thoughts or inquiries before I've even finished forming them.  All through feeling and vibration.

Thanks so much Bear, Chris, Ursula for adding your observations to this thread.  I so value hearing how others perceive and I'm learning even more.  I love learning.  I've had a saying for years that I conduct experiements in consciousness in the laboratory of myself!  Thanks for sharing your experiences in your own "laboratories!"

Breathing Love with all of you,


"Love is all there is."

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