This Big Blue Marble

Wanted to share this awesome slide show and music with everyone.  Inspires absolute reverence with me.

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Made me think of the view that extraterrestrials have so much more of the time than we do.  I can only imagine what they must be thinking as they watch us make moves toward destroying ourselves and this planet in the process.  I would want to ask them, of all the class (whatever) planets you have been to, how does Earth rate on the amazing meter???

Thanks for sharing it Tricia!!!

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Dear Tricia,

Thank you for sharing this! I got up early this morning to watch the spacestation fly over. The watched become the watchers.

I had the good fortune to see a couple space-shuttles up close. A friends mother had the job of showing VIPs the shuttle

hanger/workshop for rockwell at Edwards Air  Force base . Got the tour, saw the suited up workers,inspected the heatshielding tiles,watched the PR video meant for big-wigs. We were also lucky that due to weather in Florida a space shuttle had a night landing there! It flew to Florida the next day piggybacked atop a specially equipt 747!  That was one amazing weekend.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful video.......and listening to my memories!


Sometimes just shifting our angle of observation begins an ever evolving opening taking us beyond our myopic view of Life.

These images leave me speechless....that's amazing!


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