Awesome inspirations from a recent shamanic journey I took

Hey beautiful friends,

What an amazing time to be alive! There is so much going on in our world right now! As the old paradigm in many ways is crumbling, a beautiful new one is growing and being nurtured by many wonderful people like you and me to take its place.

Growing numbers of people everywhere seem to be expressing increased interest in spirituality and the deeper meaning of life these days. Some fear we may have to go through a period of crazy chaos, major disasters and/or wars to get throught this shift. Though I know this is a possibility, I'm quite optimistic that the shift can be relatively smooth and easy as each of us continues to play our role in this exciting journey.

A wonderful, expansive shamanic journey I took last week brought me lots of intriguing thoughts and inspirations along these lines.

Below are the notes I made from a this awesome journey that led to some great realizations which are very practical for my life. Fun stuff! You take care and I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of this. And have a great summer!

With lots of love and warm wishes,

Journey Intentions

Intention: How can I best assist in the acceptance of all parts of ourselves and in the integration of our hearts and souls in this world?

How best can I invite those who resonate with this to join me/us in coming together to be the invitation to deeper connection and integration?

Let's make it more fun!

Yet let's also respect those who don't want it to be fun in this moment.

How can I move towards honoring even the most difficult parts of life which grate on me?

  • Notice when I have a desire to judge or abandon something and stay with it.
  • Invite myself to explore the roots of this desire for separation.
  • Who or what am I really trying to create separation from?

Me and We

There is this greater We within me and within every one of us.

It's all about me and We learning to dance.

Me and We are equally important in inviting my unwavering desire for what's best for all of us to flow through me.

Whenever I see something disturbing, I can say "There's the part of We that wants to ..."

When a "me" starts standing out above the crowd, the deeper We will likely have a response. The tendency of many collective we's is to want to either beat down the one who stands out or put him/her up on a pedastal. Yet it doesn't have to be this way. We can just let that part of We shine in its natural state, knowing that ultimately, we are all brilliant beyond measure! The deeper, all-encompasing We very much honors each individual and their choices even when subgroups with the greater We sometimes don't.

Each of us has within us a collective of energies, stories, personalities, beliefs, and more. Yet a single point of consciousness is somehow given to us to express all of this and to manage it. When I am in passive or victim mode, whatever is most pressing among that inner collective can end up directing me. For some, managing all the voices is too much and can even drive them crazy.

Many souls have built huge energetic dramas (stories) which they want to engage in over time. They have conscious or unconscious agreements with other souls who resonate (or who have a correlating anti-resonance), to help them play out their various dramas in this amazing process.

Many souls seem to be attached to the idea that their version of the drama is unique. They believe they are the only ones who suffer this particular way. And this is beautiful in itself. There is a way this makes them feel special. What's really wrong with that? It's all a part of the exploration of consciousness in this universe.

Ultimately, we're all creating this drama for each other, and we're all learning and growing in our own ways. There's no rush. I'm definitely talking to myself here.

Why do some of us "know" our infinitude, while others don't? Why do some have no doubt that we are all infinite, divine beings connected within a cosmic dance while others don't?

I know that this understanding exists within others, but most have unconsciously chosen to block it off. I want to deeply honor the choice to block it, yet also be a invitation to open up and play big in a conscious way whenever the time is right.

I can be a reminder to me, to us, to We.

I want to invite those interested and those who want to play with me to see how consciously we can live in each moment. How consciously can we manage the many voices within and without, rather than letting them manage us? This can actually be a lot fo fun. Choosing to be as conscious as possible in every moment can make the journey gentler and more fun and loving. Conscious action avoids letting our conflicting inner voices take control of our consciousness to do battle with each other. If we are clear on our deeper life intentions, we can make continual conscious choices about how we will direct the symphony of our lives.

I'm finding it's more fun, or at least more deeply joyful, to be as conscious as I can about the many things both inside and outside of me as I move through life, and as life moves through me.

There's something magical about one point of consciousness looking directly at another when hearts are open. Two infinite collectives come together consciously in a single, shared intention of loving connection.

Individualism and Collectivism

One way we often explore separation is by separating ourselves into individualists and collectivists. The strong individualist may fear that the collectivists could limit his creative energy, claiming it's "for the good of all" in the same way "for national security reasons" has been used to carry out secret, self-serving agendas. The collectivists fear the individualists will take advantage of them or exploit their weaknesses for their own personal benefit.

Republicans have tended to be individualists who idealized free enterprise and encouraged the brightest and most capable moving to the top. They prefer decentralized government with minimal restrictions so that individuals can flourish on their own skills and merits. Democrats, on the other hand, have tended to be collectivists wanting to make sure that no one is left behind, and that everyone's basic needs are being taken care of. They prefer more centralized government to reign in the insatiable desires of the powerful individualists and protect the disadvantaged. They also tend to want everyone to be equal. Now we can integrate both of these. We have the capacity to honor and support the creative individualists while also taking care of the basic needs of everyone in the collective.

To the individualist, going where no one has gone before can be quite appealing, particularly to a fragment who believes that he/she is All That!


We use many polarities to explore separation.

Individualism - collectivism

Me - you
Inner - outer
Right - wrong
Masculine - feminine
Control - surrender
Creation - destruction

Can I/we embrace the destroyer?

The inner trash is all compost out of which future growth can blossom.

The answers are not all within, unless we see everything out there as being a mystical part of all that is within each of us. The answers are both outside of us and within. And the questioning itself is quite rich.

When we question together, it can actually be more enjoyable than when we simply state the answers and argue over who's right. Questions to ourselves and others can allow our thinking to blossom without falling into competition.

The masculine part of me wants to be so out there and unique. It wants to convince all of us how good life could be if more people would focus on whats good for all of us. The feminine part of me wants to surrender into the bliss of just being us, and it gets to continually create that. I seem to want both, and enjoy playing with both. Integration is what most excites me in the polarity game.

How I judge the world usually reflects a weakness or judgment in me.

I judge that he world gets stuck in complacency and routine.

Yet when I look at me, I see that I get stuck in complacency and routine, too.

How can I/we create challenging, empowering, opportunities for ourselves and each other?

How about a challenge of the day, week, month, year?

Instead of seeing in terms of right and wrong in a disagreement, which leads to judgment and more, seek understanding first of what's being shared. Validate what is being said first. Only then issue an invitation, opportunity, or challenge to consider an alternate point of view as being equally valid.

The problem with us collectivists is we can just lay around in a puppy pile all day and be happy as a clam. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to get moving.

Another part of me wants to fade into the corners to let others shine their light bright.

Yet I seem almost driven to package myself into a legacy. Why? Many levels here.

We are all one big, beautiful family.

Ideas to Play With

What do I really want right now?

So what I'm experienceing right now is ...

May I share what I'm experiencing inside me right now?
Whenever shared authentically and compassionately, our feelings and inner experience is a gift of presence.

Everyone can be fully present and in their autheniticity at any moment. It is an incredible gift. It is also a choice.

Any words shared are only an attempt at expressing what's really going on, which at times can be very complex and multi-layered. I find it best to focus on the intent within me and let the words flow with that intention.

I'm finding that the easiest, most enjoyable way to live in this story we have all co-created is to be as real and authentic as I can in this and in every sacred moment. And I want to be a constant invitation to others to be the same with me.

Notice the part of me that wants others to be wrong, so that I can be justified in judging or doing whatever I do to them. Invite that part to get back to feelings and to expressing my authentic feelings as a gift and honoring.

How can I more consistenly invite myself and others do go deeper, while also respecting those who may not be in the mood or frame of mind for that? Ask permission first.

Sacred circles united in intention of what's best for All.

I am interested in empowered, conscious sexuality with clear intention.

What if I didn't take everything so seriously? I can develop my ability to respond authentically instead of getting bogged down in "responsibility."

Fred, flow more in and with each moment. Pay attention to subtle signals in each moment.

There is a time to figure things out and a time to just let things be.

A very reasonable answer to the most profound "why" questions: Why not?

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Dear Fred, thank-you for your inspiration and your ability to make yourself vulnerable to all in your pursuit of service to the 'we.'  I would like to take time to write a longer response to your insights but wanted to make a quick thank-you for your tireless service, probing, questioning of all that is.  AS one, Rob.

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Coo Coo Kachoo

Okay, which one is the Walrus again??? LOL

Thank you Fred for sharing such great insights about the things common to so many of us these days as we seem to be being awakened as if by some mathematical process as time seems to be compressing towards some very interesting point of singularity that appears to be cyclical in nature.

My latest lesson is referred to perfectly with your comment,

"How can I move towards honoring even the most difficult parts of life which grate on me? Notice when I have a desire to judge or abandon something and stay with it.Invite myself to explore the roots of this desire for separation. Who or what am I really trying to create separation from?"

My recent decision to negatively engage my proudly self-absorbed sister in law has me entangled with some very old resentment drama that has so very little to do with her in the end.  What I am learning from this is the complete liberation that can be mine if I can learn to give exactly what someone is asking for, even someone that I would normally judge as unbecoming due to such strong interest in self to the brash exclusion of others.  I have never seen anyone more absorbed with self, but why am I judging her for that?  What I am learning is that it is okay to be kind and meet her right where she is at right now, even if it appears reptilian, for if I cannot do that, love my sister in law right where she is, than all I have learned is for little to naught.

If I can get this right, all following temptations for the same lesson to be engaged over and over again can fall by the wayside.  Drunvalo Melchizedek has a great 18 stage Merkaba meditation that is excellent, but I have had to put it aside until I can get beyond this bit of perennial nonsense, for the Merkaba meditation requires the practice and liberation of unconditional love.  Great life lessons abound these days, and the intensity appears to be getting stronger and more frequent.  Feels a bit like boot camp, LOL

LLP, Chris

I find that if you bless the heart of another... it diffuses the situation and engages the higher self, Chris.


Bless your Heart!


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Hi Elizabeth.  That is what usually works for me too, but this is turning out to be a bit different.  That is not getting it done, and I am compelled daily to just apologize to her for the sake of making peace and disentangling myself from that horrid accompanying feeling that does not go away without the proper remedy.  This is an interesting scenario because she is so all about herself and about the concept of "winning" in some form of survivor or big brother soap opera TV show (the kind of trivial human drama shows she absolutely loves), that she will most likely take an apology as some form of admission of wrong-doing and totally miss the real point of re-creating Union whenever the opportunity arises.  I am being called to do this in spite of how she may view this from an egoistic reptilian point of view, but I need to learn that that is none of my concern, nor would it make me weak just because she might be unable at this present time to truly understand the beauty of such moments.

This one's on me "literally", and it is a great lesson for dispelling attachment to forms of ego rationalization that would have me withholding such loving healing gestures in fear of them being misunderstood/misinterpreted by the person of interest.  It is my turn to realize that it is I who needs to understand this.  She will surely be along shortly, as will we all in "time", and that is the lesson I really need to get down deep inside where inviolate union is truly understood in the Heart.  I engaged this egotistical and trivial nonsense with a luring from my big ego, and I must choose to disengage regardless of what she does with her ego at this time.  I am pretty sure I will be tormented by this until I release myself via an apology for the negative engagement that I could have avoided, but instead chose to entertain to challenge someone that I saw proudly bullying others and sorely bothering her sister, my girlfriend of the past 20 years.

Just to rattle on a bit more, the thing that really has gotten under my skin is not so much that she behaves this way, that is surely nothing new, but that she is so continuously supported financially and emotionally by two co-dependent parents who think that that is love, who do not challenge her behavior to help her grow out of this childish stuff.  My parents would never put up with this nonsense, so I have developed some resentment having to witness this kind of thing, especially since it is Kerry and I who committed to taking care of these same two parents that clearly reveal in their own self-absorbed behavior the very reason they have an apparent raging ego-monster for an older daughter.  Well, if I went any further I would have to start my own trivial soap opera gossip TV show, LOL.....  Thanks again for your Kind words Elizabeth....

Love/Light, and Peace that is there, even when I don't show up for it, Chris


Good Greetings Chris and All:

Chris:  Consider this site for some insights into this type of soul ray.  I believe she would be a Red ray not centered in her giftedness.  I have found this information most helpful when dealing with difficult people click here:   Also, by apologizing to this sister in law of yours you are giving away your power... and shifting from being centered in your gifts...Have you allowed her to gain power over your life somehow (financial, kids etc)? I would venture to say you are a Yellow Ray or possibly Orange Ray or Blue Ray.

Chris, I have complete faith in you.  I know you will find your center and rest within it and this will all transmute with your focused intentions.  You are a key and a gift to this world.  I bless You with Love and send you a centering hug.  Remember our greatest enemies are a best teachers...Compassionate Wisdom may be needed in this situation.  Compassion for self and others and the Wisdom to know how to act with Compassion.. sometimes the most Compassionate thing someone can do is to say Halt!  I am choosing to this differently with Compassion and Wisdom...  Love--fairyfarmgirl


Here is a technique to transmute something that you have created or are attracting, I use this technique and am finding it very very helpful.  It is only possible to transmute a creation--- it is not possible to uncreate that which is created.  Transmutation is a process of letting go and letting Source Energy transform the energy within and thus throughout.  This was given to me by a friend who is very very wise... and I trust this process.

Surrender, turn it over to God's Grace, and LET GO.

Here is a very effective and simple process of releasing, in three simple steps:

1.  Activate the three Grace points in your hand.  This is done by touching the center of your palm, the midpoint between your forefinger and thumb, and the side of your hand.  Use three fingers, keep them in place and state:  " As a Child of God, I activate my Grace Points".

2.  State:  "As a Child of God, I release_______________ (all that no longer serves me, all criticisms and judgments, all conflicting beliefs which interfere with my abundance, etc) into God's Grace"  Wait and allow.  This may take a few minutes, trust your visualizations and ask to be notified when it is complete.

3. Then, state:  "As a Child of God, I Grace in ______________ (God's love, light, healing, self-acceptance, self-confidence, courage, understanding. compassionate wisdom, etc) to replace all that I have cleared, and so it is."

You can do this anytime, anywhere.  It is recommended that you do so at least daily.

The next thing which is extremely important in stopping the karmic wheel from turning is to Call upon the Law of Forgiveness.

State from your heart:  "I forgive anyone and anything that has hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly.  I forgive myself for hurting anything or anyone (including myself), knowingly or unknowingly.

It is recommended that you perform this foregiveness three to four times each day, including just before sleep, for at least 32 consecutive days.

And, Call as follows:  "Mighty I AM Presence" I call forth my supply with ease and grace now! (Do not say how this is to come to you.  Be open and have complete FAITH that it is on its way to you NOW.


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Thank you Elizabeth for all of that excellent food for the spirit and soul.  I will hold off on my strong inclination to apologise to Kristy simply for the sake of my own desire for internal relief and give this some thought and practice in light of all you said, and I am making a PDF of this page for future reference.  Again, excellent and practical spiritual aids simple enough for any one of us to make use of daily!!!!  Thank you darling beloved and fellow STO for being there, and being here now!  Love and Light upon you and surrounding you and yours in one mammoth Merkaba lightship as you continue your STO journey in inviolate safety as we approach the gateway to the Golden Age.

What I wish to get back to is this most excellent 18 step Merkaba meditation written by Drunvalo M. that requires the profound stability of altrusitic and faithful intention for unconditional love.  I need that harmony back in the center of my Being, and in that sense, it was just plain stupid to become entangled like this when there is so much to be done, so I forgive myself for that little misstep first....  Thank you for a way back to my centered harmony of Being.....

Love/Light, and Peace beyond words, Chris

p.s. when I went to that provided link, I got that "the page cannot be found" page...  okay, found it by googling and then going to Personality Archetypes at the left of home page.  The 5th of the 13 principles listed there is right where my "grey area" is in this specific situation,

"As a Master, I am ever vigilant of my traps and not the traps of other Masters"

If this is truly a trap of my own making for not being vigilant to sidestep such needless self-imposed traps, what would that say about what I must do to remedy?  any ideas?

I really like the 9th principle too,

"As a Master, I deny no one healing or teaching because of my feelings for or about him or her"


I would recommend co-creating and utilizing the merkabah maintaining gates of grace or using sound and quantum imagry.  The meditation you speak of is not congruent with the rapidly changing energies that are present at this time nor is it germain to the shedding of the old paradigm... that merkabah exercise was designed for use in the slow and murky waters of 3D.  We are now on the bridge to 4D (a brief stay) and then 5D our home for awhile.  Despite what you are hearing in the news... everyone is going... and those who are not will die off and be reborn in a more appropriate environment.

I would highly recommend to you to become gathered.  Out in OR and WA and CA there are many many like me... If this is something you are interested I will connect you with those of like mindedness.

Here are some links to Merkabah maintaining meditations/exercises...  I recommend them all.  They are easy and practical and work with a variety of soul rays... something for  (click on the sacred geometry and follow directions and listen to meditation at the same time.  This is a quatum meditation... mind not the dates... just intend to connect with the energy).






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You go, Chris! Thanks for doing the powerful work for all of us. Lots of love, Fred

ChrisBowers's picture

And thank you Fred for your uplifting affirming words dear brother, as I am positive that most can relate very well to such distracting human drama that carries a higher intensity in these days we are NOW living in.  And yes Elizabeth I would love to know of such developing/gathering communities in the Northwest region, and thank you for the links...

I am carrying with me a printout of the daily exercise you gave in previous email...

Love/Light, and Peace that is always there, even when I am not choosing to Be Peace, Chris

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whatever you do to me, you do to yourself. namaste. kristyne

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Fred, I thought I was reading a new forum post of another similar shamanic journey, so I read the inspirational preface again, thinking it was a more recent experience, and then came down to post, to say that I was so inspired by the preface that I just had to stop for a moment and post, just about the inspiring preface, and then post later on about the content...  And then as I scrolled down...  hey, this is that, oh, I remember now, so glad I have a TrueRife frequency program for Alzheimers, LOL.  I wouldn't even make a joke about that if I did not fully believe it was/is already curable, am convinced now that it is.... only a matter of time before becoming mainstream...  this gets back to my present excitement about this past post that is as fresh as the day it was baked, there is so so much to be excited about these days, in spite of what can appear foreboding at times.  And maybe there will be some crisis moments, but I can only view that as part of the very natural process that goes through "apparent" chaos to get to the dominating re-organizing principle on the other side.  Not to mention how much power we all have to come in agreement, as little as the square root of 1% of any population, or the population of this planet, and we are in control for world peace and harmony...  When we really get that, we are off to the realization races, leaving all the "apparent" threatening "forces" behind, literally transcending them in frequency, due to the inherently inviolate nature of that level of collective conscious understanding sacred intention.  All this is going to sound like airy fairy romantic nonsense to many, right up to the time the whole world realizes just how powerful this very natural function of mathematical nature truly and unassailably is.  We are One - All dis-chord comes from trying to prove we are not.....  We actually wait for no one to change for the better - we instead wait for ourselves to finally see.....  That we are that which nothing can harm, ever and always....  That "We" which have never gone any-where, have always been right "here", right where we are and always have been, and can never not be, for there is no "other" place to be "outside" of "we", for there is no "outside"....  We have never actually been truly threatened, ever, for that is utterly and fundamentally impossible in this Sacred place, literally, virtually and eternally impossible.

And still we face Monday morning on planet Earth to once again negotiate all of this very amazing, very dense, dynamic illusion in 3D.  And "we" will ultimately find that there are no wrong ways to go about any of this...  How cool is that!!!!!  It is the false notion of ourselves we must get over, not "the world"....

Love and Light to all of you Loved Ones, and Peace that cannot be described with words..... Chris

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Thanks for all your warm and thoughtful comments. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

With lots of love and warm hugs,

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