Powerful Realizations During Yoga Sessions

Hey beautiful friends,

At the end of every year I write a summary of my experiences for the year. I thought I'd share with you some of the powerful inspirations I had from 2009 here. I continue to find rich inspiration coming into my life in many ways - Bikram yoga, dreams, running, reading, meditation, and most especially from sacred medicine journeys. The insights and inspirations I receive continue to feed me spiritually and take me ever deeper into the divine mystery of life.

Recent Inspirations and Realizations along with Thanksgiving

Hey beautiful friends!

I am very thankful to have you in my life. I'm very grateful to have others here who are aware of the expanded realities in which we live and dance, including the realms of both shadow and light. Thank you for the ways you bring transformation to our world.

Awesome inspirations from a recent shamanic journey I took

Hey beautiful friends,

What an amazing time to be alive! There is so much going on in our world right now! As the old paradigm in many ways is crumbling, a beautiful new one is growing and being nurtured by many wonderful people like you and me to take its place.

4 mistaken notions

A Toltec shaman gives these as the 4 mistaken notions that keep us from our full potential:

1. The mistaken idea that there is anything we don't know.

2. The mistaken idea that there is anything we can't do.

3. The mistaken notion that we are subject to cause and effect.

4. The mistaken notion that time & space keep objects & events separated.

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