The Begining of Sixth Night

This article by Carl Johan Calleman is a excellent preview and discussion of how the whole 2012 transformation may very likely transpire.  It is a very eriudite and well thought out article worth reading.


Before going into the specifics of the upcoming sixth night, November 8, 2009 – November 2, 2010, of the Galactic Wave Movement (or Underworld) I feel I should clarify some of my basic points of departure for understanding the Mayan calendar, since the various ideas that are currently proposed for this vary significantly. There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. The only Mayan inscription from ancient times, the Tortuguero monument, which describes the end ( of their calendar says that nine cosmic forces will then manifest. Empirically, there is also overwhelming evidence from modern research that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels (so called Underworlds) of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all shifts, which have been driving evolution since the beginning of the universe. Such an end to all shifts could conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth.

The whole article is here:

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In David Wilcock's works, particularly regarding the concept of "cycles"  he in a number of places discusses the fact that the period around the 2012 date, is the "high noon" point for a number of different cycles which complete their transits at the same precise time.  As I read the above article and noted his comments regarding 9 cycles coming to a resolution at the same time I was reminded of Davids frequent comments saying the same thing.  I can't recall if David spoke of 9 cycles, I dont think he did, more like 5 or 6. I will have to find where in his books or articles he discusses this and get back to this thread.



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Hi Berry, thanks for posting this.  Very interesting.  I enjoyed the positive calm tone of this article.  Also, the discussion of cycles in constant flux compared with the more popular discussion of 2012 as a linear end point.  It brought to mind the real question emerging from all discusion about 21 Dec 2012, that is, will the Sun rise on 22 Dec 2012?  For me the answer is yes.  We will have been transformed into the new world and the separation anxiety we are feeling now will pass.  Holding onto inner Peace despite all appearances of chaos and confusion seems more important now then ever.  Love and peace to you, as one, Rob

Thank you, Berry for this  wonderful and informative article!  I really liked the calm and measured tone of the article and the explanation of the process of this and all the ages coming to a close. 



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When I read this article, it occured to me that this man's take on the Mayan calendar and the 2012 event was the most balanced and positive expose' I have read, other than David Wilcock's interpretations.  He agrees with David's views so closely and still takes another view point so I found it an  extremely refreshing look into what we can expect or anticipate in the next three years,....and beyond.  I like particularly his view that this will not be a sudden lightening bolt of change but a definite boundry beyond which we will see certain and destined changes into higher dimensions for the good of the world.

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I found this very inspiring, thanks for the post Berry. I'll be watching for a collapse of the dollar sometime next week (Edit: that came off sounding sarcastic, but I'm serious, and I mean it in a positive way: the article basically says that such an event will pave the way for a better world which is OK with me)

Speaking of David Wilcock I've been following him pretty intensely for the last couple of days since I discovered his site (through another Berry post if I'm not mistaken). In fact on the morning of a Metallica concert I attended, I watched a video of his which went through the basics of his work. There was a picture of his dad in a slide of his presentation about reincarnation, and his dad was making a sneering face, "after a Metallica concert."  Right there I realized there was some reason I was checking this site out at this time. A lot of that going on for me lately. But wait, it gets even better! During the course of the concert, James Hetfield was constantly asking the audience to "fell the love" and "share their energy" and mentioned a few times how "you are Metallica," sort of a thread of universal conciousness in there don't you think? And coming from one of the most bad ass hard edged bands of our time (or one of the most famous badass hard edged bands at least). The feeling in the arena was quite happy and uplifting, even though the music might generally be considered angry, everyone was so happy to be there and the band just had sort of an energy to them which was quite unlike what I was expecting. I wonder if old James has had a spiritual awakening since he quit drinking? Anyhow, I took the opportunity to breathe sacred love with some of my musical heroes. Metallica pretty much told me too!

Strange times we live in eh?

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I also found this very harmonious with all other preparations being conducted right now concerning raising the vibration and awareness on Gaia.  Underground ancient crystalline structures in Arkansas and Brazil were just recently brought up to partial activation, to be increased incrementally as we proceed.  50 ancient holy sites worldwide are being activated, one per full moon leading up to the final activation December 28th, 2012

Synchronicity is so evident now that it is as if so many disparate groups had gotten together to be briefed on how best to organize and cooperate, except there was no meeting, and yet all of this is happening as if there was.  It is a profoundly amazing thing to witness and be part of...  What a time to be awake!!!!

"Since the Cosmic Convergence would be the first breeze of a unity consciousness this would imply that people would then be divinely inspired to share and recognize the unity of all creation. I believe it will be a spirituality beyond words based on the immediate experience of the divine. Hence, while the Reformation was an awakening emphasizing the written word and the New Age movement originated in esoteric ideas that were sometimes channeled or spoken I believe that the spiritual awakening ahead will not be something that can be formulated in words and will be based on plain knowing"

And so goes the infallible design in an inviolate construct....

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That date of November 8 has come up in a lot of the material I have been reading of late as a crisis date financially.  I don't doubt at all that your source is on the spot.  I think that even David W. has pinpointed 11/8 as a trigger point if I am not mistaken.

Let's watch and see.  I like you have nothing to loose so have no fear.



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That article mentioned November 8th as the collapse of the USD. I've been getting this newsletter from Weiss research, and investment advice company for about a year now. They completely called pretty much everything economic that has happened to this point over the last while, with uncanny accuracy. They say the stock market is in a false recovery, and a week later you see a plunge. They seem to know the game pretty well, and their hearts are in the right place as far as big money types go. their articles are always about protecting your retirement etc. etc. Anyhow I have no assets really, so I just read their newsletter for fun and to feel like I'm ahead of the game haha.

Anyhow, they just sent out a massive 10 page report on how the dollar is about to crash to levels never before seen (catastrophic was a word they used). They've been warning about derivatives and unsustainable debt for a very long time, and about all the other bubbles well before they burst. They've been talking about an impending decline in the USD, but now they are screaming out loud that this is the real thing. Won't be too surprised if on Monday morning we wake up to some sort of financial disaster with all these seemingly convergent predictions.

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Hi all, it was interesting that the Reserve Bank of India bought a HUGE amount of gold today.  Other then India's fascination with gold, maybe they're expecting something???  I'm strangely excited by all this.  As we move closer to midnight, we move closer to the new dawn, as one, Rob.

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also consider this on Nov 11, from a numerologist friend of mine John Davis-The ancient science of planetary numerology reveals many hidden mysteries revealed of magnificent, powerful births for the benefit of humanity. November 11, 2009 is one of those classic dates that may change the course of history in a totally positive direction.

The destiny of November 11, 2009 is The Mighty I Am Presence, taken to a new positive personal and planetary level.

This Mighty I Am Presence appears again in this magnificent date symbology, the descending pyramid of the Star of David holding the ascending pyramid of the Group Messiah.

The manifestation of these powerful energies have absolutely no challenges – a rare occurrence. These magnificent energies will occur on the physical, mental and emotional planes.

Contained within the spiritual building blocks of this powerful day is the Star of David manifestation of the Lord of the World meeting the Light of the World. All of these powerful energies are created for the benefit of peoples of all nations.

With this planetary manifestation and the power of this 11-11 day, the recommendation is for you to pray on this day for the best of everything and everyone. The homeless to find homes, the hungry to find food and the sick and injured to be healed are possible prayers for you to consider. Whatever you perceive to be the best results to occur on the planet now and in the future is what you should focus on during the 11-11-2009 24-hour time period.

The law of manifestation is simple:

Think about your planetary goals.

Write your planetary goals down on a piece of paper.

Speak your planetary goals out loud.

These simple techniques will assist your goals to manifest on the planetary, mental, emotional and physical levels. Let’s pray on this day to our maximum spiritual potential.

The Importance of Positive Prayers in 2009 is essential to help create a new positive Earth reality. The entire year of 2009 represents spring time on a planetary level. The new group of World Servers are farmers planting dynamic positive light seeds for the future of the planet to the next millennium. Positive prayers and thoughts projected into the mind stream of the planet will manifest “Out of little acorns grow great oak trees.”


An impersonal positive loving nonjudgmental focus is imperative for each world server to place positive light seeds in the center of each Earth Roundtable sending healing and forgiving energy to the many world leaders of these Earth roundtables. Impersonal non-judgment loving intent is the key to plant our prayers as dynamic powerful loving light seeds in the center of these roundtables visualizing positive results and visions from the many leaders of these roundtables.


Please take your personal prayer time every day for the remainder of 2009 to visualize in your own way the positive changes you want to see on Earth.

Examples of daily prayers to political leaders:


Abolish w-a-r by Earth governments, future conflicts to be verbally negotiated.

Sharing of natural resources with other nations.

Sharing financial resources with the homeless and hungry.


Seeking beliefs common with other religions.

Pledging financial tithes to the homeless and hungry.

Inspiring congregations to pray for all peoples worldwide.



Many cures being found for existing illnesses.

Miraculous healings everywhere.

Individuals in all nations encouraged to follow the laws of diet and exercise.


Invoking mentally prosperity for all economies worldwide.

Businesses financially thriving everywhere.

Many jobs becoming available in all nations.

(I believe no day is more important than another, that all days are equal opportunities to pray the above thoughts into physical manifestation, and that the more of us that do, the more rapidly they will outwardly manifest.) There is no place for gloom and doom here amidst Lights as bright as all of yours! Looking forward to 2012 with great Love, Light and Faith. Ty Berry, for the wonderful post.   Namaste.                       kristyne

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