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The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins

Just watched this video that delves deep into Ancient Egyptian civilizations.  It begins by questioning the accepted story of the pyramids in Giza.  The film proposes that the Great Pyramid was used to generate energy (electricity) through light and sound -- not constucted as a tomb for mummies as is widely believed.  It touches upon NikolaTesla's work and then traces the cosmology of human history through the ages. 

Does human civilization advance with linear time or did Dynastic Egyptians possess superior knowledge to our own about spiritual knowledge and engineering?

Rainbow Bridge Meditation


Dr. Jose Arguelles has initiated so many projects for peace, that I wonder why I haven't heard his name before now.  He is also a promoter of the "natural" 13-month, 28-day calendar. Now, Dr. Arguelles is uniting earth's people with a weekly Rainbow Bridge Mediation.  I hope you'll join us. ~ Noa


Mayan Calendar midpoint of the 6th day and Rebirth Celebration

The economy has been on my mind of late, like how can we throw that much money at a 'problem' and not realize that its more than a problem.  That there is something fundamentally wrong and adding more water to a leaky bucket aint going to fix it.  Well from a consciousness perspective we're right where we're suppose to be.  Or you could say change is happening, at some point I/we are going to have to change along with it.  Anyway, this is rather long but worth the read, in fact we need to educate ourselves as to the "problem" so we can have an intelligent disscussion about what to do next.

Solstice at Mayan Pyramid at Chichén Itzá

The amazing pyramid at Chichén Itzá is a physical representation of elements of the Mayan Calendar. It was designed so that on the solstice, light would descend from the top through the seven days and seven nights ending at the head of the serpent.

Here is a short noisy film on the descent of the serpent

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