CDC reacting to the use of Bottled Water to avoid Fluoride

I was searching information regarding the amount if any of fluoride in bottled water (which I now don't use anymore since I got my distiller, whoopee)  and found this article which sort of gave me a hurray moment.   CDC and probably the FDA don't like the idea that people are avoiding their dumbing down drug, fluoride, by using bottled water and other means.  Like me.  HEHEHEH!!!!  With the amount of bottled water I bought casually, I will have this thing paid for in less than a month.

Here is the article my family,


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If anyone in interested in where to get a distiller like the one I got, for $99+shipping let me know and I will send you the link.  I intend shortly to become a distributor of this product myself soon.  My version produces about a gallon of pure distilled water in about 4 hours.  I have been making two gallons a day, just to get a quantitiy in store then a gallon a day should do for my drinking and ice  daily.  It taste so good too!

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Flouridation as one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century? My understanding is that sodium flouride is one of the main ingredients in sarin nerve gas and can be lethal, which this article fails to mention. I grew up without it and my teeth are not riddled with cavities, but with minimal amounts of sugar and soda also. So many reasons to purify the water, glad you are getting into business in that Berry!

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steam distiller Berry? I am interested in the info please send me the link. Kristyne

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For all of you who are interested here is the link to the source where I purchased my distiller.


These are excellent macines and well made.  And I felt the price was right.

Oh and if you buy from Ric, let him know that William Chastain refered you. That is my legal name which I use when purchasing stuff.

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