CDC reacting to the use of Bottled Water to avoid Fluoride

I was searching information regarding the amount if any of fluoride in bottled water (which I now don't use anymore since I got my distiller, whoopee)  and found this article which sort of gave me a hurray moment.   CDC and probably the FDA don't like the idea that people are avoiding their dumbing down drug, fluoride, by using bottled water and other means.  Like me.  HEHEHEH!!!!  With the amount of bottled water I bought casually, I will have this thing paid for in less than a month.

Here is the article my family,

Fluoride - an Endangered Species

I was at the hospital today with my wife and daughter for her final check up before we could take her home. The doctor went through the list of things we should do, on that list (to my pleasant surprise) was to give her vitamin D drops for her immune system, something I do for myself. Also on that list (to my chagrin) was to give her fluoride drops.  This is something I'm against, but I didn't give it away. I let him know that we have fluoride in the water in my town, so we don't need drops.

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