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Hi, everyone.

I'm not really sure what to do with this info, so I thought I'd just put it out here.  One of the course participants asked me to share some information she learned recently.  Of course, we should take this with many grains of salt for all different reasons, but I figured I needed to honor her request to share. Her note to the guides at the Transformation Course website:

My stepsister is married to a US military man stationed in Germany, who is special ops and has quite a high security clearance. She called and told her dad today that her husband had been "called in"...and that they left base, and when they returned to base, their car was heavily searched ( i guess this is unusual for them, i got that idea anyway). All she could say to her dad, was that if the muslim brotherhood "makes a showing", to get ready. For us to watch the news and be ready, that's all she could say. For my brother in law to allow her to share any info is highly unusual. I don't want to be a fear-monger, but I feel this group is awakened enough that it won't be taken that way. I am breathing love to the PTB in this, and to the Muslims and the Egyptian citizens, and felt that I just wanted to share this so that others could join me. If you feel it is in the best interest of the community, please share this, but I ask that you don't identify me, for the safety of my sister and her husband. I'm trying to remain calm with this, digest it and keep it in the proper perspective and breathe love into it. Thank you again Kathy!

So there are her words.  Again, I'm not exactly sure what to make of it, either, so I'll just let it sit. 


Lots of love,




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It's too bad we are unable to ask this person what she meant by her words.  She was obviously trying to warn us of something, though of what I'm not sure... more unconstitutional searches, maybe?  The Patriot Act has made such violations at the hands of the TSA and law enforcement so commonplace, they're almost humdrum.

If the Muslim Brotherhood does "make a showing" I will first wonder if it's another false flag operation instigated by the non-muslim brotherhood

Curiouser and curiouser!

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I think what she was referring to was another 911 type incident - which is pretty much expected to be a small nuclear detonation on US soil. They have been watching for this for at least a few years and there is no question that it could easily be pulled off. Estimates are that there are at least ten small sized nukes unaccounted for right now. They can be set off a number of ways - via cel phone from a distance etc.

This would be the ultimate terrorist scenario - and many have pointed to the idea that it is already in place as an inside job to take down the US from the inside out. Keep your head down!

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  the public s head years ago with suitcase nukes being detonated in the U.S.,,it was on a "special extended,to be continued "version of 24,,funny how these things pop up within a few years huh? They didn t have our govt. behind the plot, just a couple of defectors, doing it for money..They wouldn t want it to be Too realistic,,ha!......I am about one and a half hours north of Los Alamos Lab,,and it is said that the underground facilities stretch from there all the way up to Denver,,passing just west of town here..There have been many stories written about the "TAOS HUM", an underlying tone that you can hear in the desert on the west side of town..The funny thing is,people still come here looking for a safe place from coming attractions,,when they are actually moving pretty close to a huge military target, and right over it s highway north....I guess it is still safer than a major city,as dense population yields more casualties to magnify the effect of false flag terrorism,,,,       Let s hope this doesn t have to come to pass !

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