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All Wars are Bankers' Wars

This movie essentially backs up what the Money Masters and the Secret of Oz says about the history of America and central banking.   But this film presents the info in an easy-to-understand timeline.

I think conspiracy deniers will have a hard time refuting these facts.

Video link:  (Couldn't embed it.)

As John Lennon said, "What if they had a war and nobody came?"  "Imagine."

Military Wife Tells All

This is an exceedingly long interview with Kay Griggs, the wife of a US colonel -- he was essentially a military hitman for covert projects.  Part 1 of 4 is two hours long.  (Cerca 1998?)  The links to the other parts are below.


Part 2

Input from a course participant

Hi, everyone.

I'm not really sure what to do with this info, so I thought I'd just put it out here.  One of the course participants asked me to share some information she learned recently.  Of course, we should take this with many grains of salt for all different reasons, but I figured I needed to honor her request to share. Her note to the guides at the Transformation Course website:

Do I Smell A False Flag?

First of all, my heart goes out to the families and friends and compatriots of those soldiers who lost their lives and were injured in the attack at Ft. Hood Army Base in central Texas today. I live in Dallas and am not far from that installation. It is indeed the most important military base in Texas if not the US. I am completely confounded by what happened there today.

The news casts this evening were focusing on nothing but this incident. By six o'clock they had announced the name of the shooter in this terrible destructive act.

The Disclosure Project May 9th 2001 National Press Club Conference

It's hard to believe this happened over seven years ago and it still isn't that widely known.  It should be.

Steven Greer presents 20 out of over 400 former military and intelligence witnesses to evidence of UFO/extraterrestrial events.  It's rather compelling, taken with other

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