Thanksgiving and Transforming Fear Into Love

Hey beautiful Gathering Spot friends,

Thank you so much for loving and supporting all of us as we work and play in the world. Thank you for connecting in such rich and meaningful ways. Thank you for your commitment to spreading love and transformation in our world. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have you in my life.

I am so thankful to be alive here and now with you and with all of our wonderful friends in these wild and exciting times. Thank you, universe/God/All That Is, for this most precious gift of life.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I'd like to share with you three inspiring quotes about transforming fear:

"The more I face my fears, the more fearless I become."  ~~ Paz Vizcarra

"Recognize fear as invitation to growth."

"I finally found the courage to look into the deepest depths of my own fears. And I was stunned to find there the mirror of love looking back at me."

Have a most beautiful Thanksgiving, and I look forward to more and deeper connection with you in the times ahead. May love and joy be frequent companions to you in your ongoing journey through life.

With abundant love, joy, and gratitude,

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Thanks Fred,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thank you so much for the wonderful community you have created here.

Peace and best wishes,


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I appreciate that Fred -- love from Oriole

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