Scary Prophesy...........? maybe?

 I thought it might be interesting to some people to hear about what a friend and others say they are experiencing in dreams lately. My friend is a profoundly gifted psychic who has predicted earthquakes and other disasters well in advance. I witnessed her predict the exact date of the big Japan quake about a month before it happened. She is also a medical intuitive and empath who suffers whenever her friends have so much as a tummy ache-sucks eh? She just told me about a recurring dream she is having frequently. A huge something crashes into the Atlantic ocean, wipes out Europe and most of the East coast here well inland. New Jersey is gone for instance. She is with friends and family, they are scrambling to enter a deep cave in a huge dark mountain, and as they are entering it there is a tremendous impact and/or explosion and the air is sucked from her lungs. They just make it into the cave. She just discovered another very gifted psychic friend is having the same dreams, and both his and her kids are also having the same dream-this huge impact in the ocean. Some Navajo guy calls her up out of the blue to tell her he is having this dream (and says Hopi friends are also having it)-but she hadn't told people yet...A music producer in California has the same dreams and gets her number (in an effort to find out why he's having this scary recurring dream he called the Rhine Center here and they happened to give him her number). She says they all have the same urge to prepare for something- and that makes my stomach sink a little.
 Her psychic friend with the same dream has contacts in NASA and reports one of them says something is coming.
Personally, I don't believe it. I have this theory that a lot of what worries people about the future is because we have our heads up our butts about global warming(I include myself) and that we are suffering mightily because we aren't acting on what we believe is true. Many friends have bought into the talk of a cover up, that human-caused global warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists and "the government". "Don't believe all you hear, Brian" is a common refrain. My ex-sister in-law is a NOAA oceans and weather scientist and she says "Yup-it's the real deal". If you want to know what to think about global warming watch this video about how to decide whether or not to act on it. But perhaps I digress...

Kinda interesting huh?

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There is an inner calling now for those trapped in the outer limitations and confines of the mind to return to the Freedom of Truth/Peace.....And this can only be done by a return to the Heart/Cave....To reach the Peace of Truth one must needs first face the Ocean/Emotion that blocks it....And for most of us, the journey begins with a "Mighty Drop of a Huge Something" into this, that can and does knock the breath of life right out of us....(momenarilly)......and sends us realing into what appears to be the total darknes of the Cave.....

On this journey one can take nothing with them for it is a time of stipping away of letting go and "EVERYTHING MUST GO" it can feel like death and it is to the Mind....To some it can be instant (Awakening) like the "Zen" Satori to others that are attached to the illusion it may seem like a painful trek.

For the Truth/Freedom Seekers it is absolutely the only Doorway

Everything changes, and yet Nothing does

How wonderful for their calling......Courage, Love and Blessings

 Peace and Love Brian

May All Beings Be Happy

May All Beings Be Peacefull

May All Beings Be Blissfull

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      but I see it as one possible time line. Chris posted a great video on Nibiru a while back that was the best thing I had seen on it over the years. If Nibiru does pass close to the Earth again soon, the debris it could drag in behind it's path could easily account for that amount of destruction. Actually, losing Europe and the east coast would be getting away easy in that scenario,,judging by what has happened in the past. But I believe there are other forces at work, too, and like to think that we will svoig that vlose of a pass this, I wouldn't begin to know why they are all having this dream. My only theory would be that, with all the possible time lines converging now, people are picking up on one of the more dramatic possible scenarios, and being so dramatic, are shaken enough to report it..

     As for global warming, there is no doubt that it is happening,,but it is also happening on all the planets in our solar system. No doubt we need to get off of fossil fuels, but there are bigger things at the root of it all. The magnetic field is practically non existent at this point, so we are ripe for the shift that is coming. The only question is how gentle, or not, it will be, as the Earth adjusts to the new magnetic locations of the poles..I think the window is 14 to 21 days after the field reaches zero point...Our consciousness probably plays a big part in how gentle, or not, the adjustments are. I would suggest you dig up that post from chris, there is a lot of info in that video. It was a little scary, as their take left me thinking that the next encounter with Nibiru is unavoidable, but, after thinking about it, I don't agree. Space is a big place, and orbits can vary enough, I am sure, to change scenarios,,,a big one, in this case...It sure would be cool to see it pass by at a safe distance though !  .....Peace to you Brian.....T

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  I love that interpetation of the dream, how beautiful...! Peace and love to you 1 ,,,,T

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Hi VIVEKA!! Your beautiful words ring so true. I felt them ring in my heart because I went through so much in my divorce and a long time out of work. You are right. It was dark. Had to leave it all behind. Not the same person.
 Hah! In her dream she is beckoning all her loved ones to quickly enter and descend a long staircase into darkness. She is the last one in and they are descending when bam. Though I haven't known her long I feel she is very loving and honest and she is deeply committed to using her gifts to help others. When she told me of her attempt to convince a man she had just met he was about to have a massive heart attack and die, she was crying because he didn't believe her and died a few days later. Her nearby friend with the same dreams I met this past weekend and he also seems like a good egg. I'm blessed to know her and to share in her extraordinary path. I feel the same way about you Viv.

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Tscout-where are you in the blurry picture? It looks Tropical. And are you just vibrating so much that's just the way you look? I had dismissed Nibiru as fancy but you and others are making me question that. Thanks for the recommendation. The bigger the orbit, the more our consciousness can effect it. Much more so for highly random stuff like weather-my passion. I see every tiny inflection of our consciousness and influence in the clouds and conditions. I was in an extraordinary frame of mind yesterday afternoon and I played a wonderful loving game with the spotty showers and beautiful clouds above me. I was in a garage with the big door open and it would start to rain and I was thanking the blessed rain with all my heart. I am really a nut about this stuff... When I would need to step outside to get something from my van-it would stop and I would start laughing. So it would start again (like a joke-because I was hesitating) and I would laugh and it would stop just at the instant I needed to run out and then back into the garage. It was hilarious. I was in tears with the utter joy of it and prayed fervently with my deepest thanks. I have no idea why. I guess it's just to connect to nature-I really don't understand me.

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(short notes because I have a sleeping little one in my arms)

Brian: Thank you for sharing! Both the first post and the rainplay; I love the rain, it feels like an answer/helper to my heart.

Viveka: I love your interpretation! That is one way this energy sensed in the dreams could manifest.

tscout: I am absolutely on board with the idea of feeling alternate timelines.

Personally, I'm not so sure the near future involves such a widespread devastation of human life and accomplishments.  I get the idea that Creation is enjoying our creations too much to let them all just be wiped away, so I have hope!  Not that I really know anything, but when I cast my heart to the future I feel all-encompassing love and healing, so I'm keeping my eyes and mind open without fear.

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Viveka:  I appreciate your words of inspiration and encouragement, but I believe there exists as many different paths as there are individuals. 

I am referring to these words, "...And this can only be done by a return to the Heart/Cave... 'EVERYTHING MUST GO'... For the Truth/Freedom Seekers it is absolutely the only Doorway."

We live in a word of diversity, not absolutism.  There is no one-size-fits-all anything on this planet.  All ways have validity and truth in the eye of the beholder.

Your inner voice knows the way that's best for your soul's journey.


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 Confusing words.....  should have added "for me" in that phrase. .

My seeing...... One garden many flowers..... One Earthmany roots.... One Mother many wombs... One Humanity many people.....ONE destination many paths.  One door, two ways, one way leading to the garden Labeled   "Birth"   and the other leading to greater awareness that some call  "Death"......The point of leaving and the point of Return  The One Heart that some call Love.

 understanding.....The "ATTACHMENT" to EVERYTHING must go.....Even this Body is made up of and belongs the the Elements...How amazing in order to see clearly i had to close my eyes and listen.

Can I sit with another in their Grief and Pain with Humility and Peace?....Yes when I am not attached to our own.

Can I deal with anothers Anger and Fear?.....Yes when we have dealt with and let go of my own.

Can I allow anothers light to shine with the wonder and awe of a child?..... yes when I let go of and share my own.

Hang on isn't that what we are doing

Oh Bugger Words soooooo get in the way!!!!!!!

From the personal to the Universal


Peace and Love

Hey Brian,

The Hopi/Navajo have a prophecy that I have been aware of for almost 20 is almost exactly as you describe and I wonder if the people dreaming these dreams were aware of this prophecy as well, I personally tend to think there is something behind it but dreams are so hard to define....from a practical level it may be coming up through these peoples dreams just because they were told that it would...

And these days i really don't find it scary...



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   That blurry old picture is actually taken high in the mountains,,,in Taos,NM, at a market where I was selling my little sculptures made of sage,,,someone emailed it to me. I used to sit there and make them , and sell them,,a lot of them. i would like to think I was vibrating at that level ! haha! It was a special transitional time for me then,,,but now is becoming even more intense !

    I really dig the story about the rain starting and stopping,,,that's a great exercise to teach yourself how powerful you really are...When I was in canyon de chelly with the Incan elders,,one of them,,the oldest, could make lightning strike...they are masters of intention, and will spend a full day just to prepare an intention for a fire ceremony,,,sometimes longer.

    Viveka, your comment about how for some it happens in an instant, and for others it is a painful trek, rings true these days,,,as many are clinging to the banks of the river,,,and feeling the pain,,,while others are out in the middle,,going with it, watching all that happens, but attaching themselves to none of it,,enjoying the ride....I still find it hard to be in the middle,,,it seems like I keep getting tugged to the side by someone hanging on top the banks, ha! it is probably me, as the need to survive keeps pulling me ashore,,on those outside bends of the river, you know ?

  I have had the most amazing time here overseas, with so much realization, and love, and frustration , it is such a rollercoaster, and now am facing returning to the US. I have only been working 18 hours aweek here, and that has given me a lot of time to work on other things. This has helped me realize how overworked most people are, and how it keeps them from evolving...It is one of the things that must change, just for people to have time to swallow all the truth that is being revealed now..

   We can only hope that the info in those bill wood interviews manifests this week, the 5th through the 10th was the window for the timelines converging...It would be a nice start...and it was nice to see a lot of that info reinforced in those channelings that were posted in the last few days by Noa and lightwins,,,thank you,,hope it comes to pass !,,,,,L,,,,,T

Hey Brian,

this is part of the prophecy I spoke of, it relates to the native american cradleboard and is the lesson of response-ability......

"The ability to respond to the Present is to seek beauty in every moment of the day -- using our gifts, talents, and abilities for the greatest good of all. As we walk gently on the earthMother, honoring the sacredSpace of all life-forms, keep a twinkle in y/our eyes and joy in y/our hearts – we learn gratitude with every blessing in life." From Sacred Path Cards – authored by Jamie Sams.

In Sacred Path Cards Jamie Sams relates the Cradleboard Prophecy of Creation. It begins: "I want to share these prophecies with you because they will help us look to the future with hope rather than despair."

Jamie writes "Our earthMother never destroyed all the Children of Earth in any of the four preceding worlds and will not do so in this one. I was told that the girth of Earth has expanded at the end of each world creating new land masses and eliminating others. Each time those of her children who were able to read the omens were shown safe places to live. ….

The Cradleboard prophecy speaks of the coming alive of thousands of rainbowWarriors who will suddenly see manifested the dream of the fifthWorld of Peace. We are now in this process during this age the grandMothers call Time of White Buffalo. It is during this time that teachings are released to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. The prophecy says these rainbowWarriors will remember their legacy and use it for the good of all the Children of earth. ….

The prophecy also says that Fire will come from the sky and hit earthMother in the waterNursery of Creation. This fire will fertilize the Earth and recreate purity in all four Earth Clans: air, earth, water, and fire. All will be whole once again. ….. These prophecies will be fulfilled between now and the year 2015."





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Pretty cool all, ill add that i love the rain i feel a great connection with the rain and love to get wet in it i often will go out in my bathing suit when it down pores and dance, so much energy and healing and rejuvenation in the rain. iv always been a water creature its hard for me to leave a nice swimming hole or the ocean or a pool even when it really cold i bare thru i enjoy it, always feel revitalized... also starting to become a polo bear (im not in the group but i jump in the ocean when its at its coldest almost every year more then once) i enjoyed reading all your words, what come to my mind with this tale is a simple truth i learned awhile ago, (words are difficult for me so many variation so many different interpretations) it relates to being taking out of your element and what some people have "culture shock"... the environment you are so used to changes becomes something new, you can struggle against it, but that seems silly to me, or you can let go and accept it, often you learn something profound from that journey, and you realize not much has actually changed, your still you and can do what ever you like with it. the idea of a large body actually making impacting with the earth, creates a new environment one that will shock most of us and if large enough lead to death, at that point it is out of are control (control is illusory mainly to begin with) but i feel the truth still hold true even in the circumstance of facing our so called death maybe even more so you will learn something profound from the journey, from letting go and you still get to do with it what you will, what i believe anyway. with love


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A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe



creating great mythologies for the souls to experience.





The soul who creates through this pyramid goes

by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller.

He is one who can capture the imagination of one

soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of

his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.





These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles,

each with its own cast of characters incorporated

in a body of work that would have no beginning

nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.





Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of

the creational process. These myths would be regarded

as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.





And these myths would take on many dimensions and

lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.





Myths are not bound by space nor time,

and may be entered as the souls may desire.





Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering.

There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time,

by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.





For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of

the storylines as dictated to me by the souls.

Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.


For in truth,

All is Myth,

Myth is All.

The 12 Pyramids of Thoth - Crystalinks

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